Hawaii Five-O is Back

One of the greatest television crime shows in history is back with a 21st century twist.  Hawaii Five-O, which ran on CBS and Channel 3 from 1968 to 1980.  Without a doubt, the show has one of the best theme songs ever created for a television show. 

I watched the tail end of the series when I was younger and probably saw some of the earlier episodes in repeats, but like millions of peoplem I thought it was one cool show.   McGarrett was unflappable, always running after criminals in a suit and tie and dress shoes.    He was always in charge, and every episode featured that iconic line,  “Book em, Danno.”    The best prop in the show was McGarrett’s shiny black Mercury, always looking sleek against that Hawaiian backdrop.

The new Hawaii Five-O has a new McGarrett and a new Danno and a whole new cast.    The memorable theme song and show opening is back, more high tech than the original, yet shorter and lacking a few things.    One of my favorite shots was that choppy zoom-in to McGarrett on the balcony of a high rise.   The 2010 version of that shot needs some work.

I’ve already seen a lengthy preview (one of the perks of working for a CBS station) and I saw one thing I didn’t like: the new Danno smacks the new McGarrett!   Nobody was insubordinate t0 the old McGarrett. 

Still, I’ll give the new Five-O a chance.  Check it out here on Channel 3 tonight at 10 and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Sorry, I couldn’t watch it. I lasted only 15 minutes. Just didn’t seem to like it yet. Will try to last longer next week or even record it.


  2. Best show on TV … loved it totally! Loved it best out of all the new ones that have been released for fall … sure hope it sticks around a long time.


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