Ted Kennedy, Jr. to Campaign for Blumenthal

Obama,  Bush, and Clinton;  just some of the big names involved in Connecticut campaigns this fall.   Now, you can add Kennedy to that list.  

Ted Kennedy, Junior, who lives in Branford, is now making headlines in the senate race between Linda McMahon and Dick Blumenthal.   It all started when the McMahon campaign unveiled a new ad featuring 47 year old film of the late President John Kennedy talking about tax cuts.    

Kennedy, the late President’s nephew,  took issue with the ad, saying it falsely implies his uncle would have supported McMahon’s tax policy, which calls for extending the Bush tax cuts.    The McMahon campaign says it will not stop running the ad, in fact it may begin airing it on television.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Kennedy also said he had not discussed the ad controversy with his cousin Caroline, the late President’s daughter and widely viewed as the keeper of JFK’s legacy.   He told us he plans to campaign for Blumenthal, but no word on whether he will appear in television commercials on behalf of the Attorney General as he did for Ned Lamont.

Here’s something to think about:  there has been  speculation Kennedy will run for the senate in 2012 against Senator Joe Lieberman.    State Democratic party  chairwoman Nancy DiNardo called him a “dream candidate.”     If McMahon should lose by a narrow margin to Blumenthal in November, she instantly would be considered the Republican frontrunner to take on Lieberman and Kennedy.   We’re getting a preview this week of what such a race would be like.

You can hear from Kennedy on the McMahon ad controversy, tonight at 11.

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  1. Wonderful news! Both Kennedy campaigning for Blumenthal and that Kennedy might run for office. So tire of McMahon and her lies, out-of-context statements, and innuendos.


  2. I agree it’s wonderful news. Wonderful for Linda McMahon, that is.

    Unemployment is high, the economy is bad, health care rates are being raised. Blumenthal cozying up to the staunch Democrats just gives McMahon the ammo to turn the campaign into a referendum on a bunch of extremely unpopular topics.

    Her campaign must be licking its chops as we speak.


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