The Loss of Three Favorites

There is an old saying that the deaths of celebrities come in threes.   Is that true for the closings of stores and restaurants? 

1.    First, word that our favorite supermarket is closing:  Waldbaum’s at Bishop’s Corner.  It reminds me of the old Star Market we had in my hometown growing up.  The people who work there are friendly and they are extremely helpful.  It is not a terribly large building and easy to navigate.  Big Y has purchased it, but hasn’t announced plans for whether it will be re-opened.    

2.     Mayor Mike’s in downtown Hartford.    The eatery was a great place to go and let’s hope it re-opens.   Bob Peters, the brother of the late mayor, told me they are looking for someone to run it, and are re-assessing the business.    The loss of four  major downtown companies during the Perez years has had a negative trickle down impact on local merchants.  Thousands of workers who shopped and ate out downtown are now doing that in suburbia.     The loss of the Goodwin Hotel didn’t help either. 

3.       Coaster Cuts in Blue Back Square.  This Six Flags venture opened to great fanfare a year and half ago, so the sudden closing surprised us.   My daughter loved getting her hair cut there, and we haven’t yet broken the news to her yet.

I should also mention the Avon Old Farms Inn.     Back in 1994, I watched the infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco chase there.

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  1. Although I will miss Waldbaum’s, I have to disagree with the easy to navigate part! It’s like a maze in there!

    I guess I will do all my shopping at Aldi’s from now on. Talk about easy to get around in! Takes me a 20 minutes to do the whole store and I save SO much money every week. You should check it out!


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