Face the State Flashback

Face the State Flashback: President Nixon Visits Hartford in 1970

The highlight of the 1970 campaign was a visit to Hartford and Stamford by President Richard Nixon. Nixon was brought to town to campaign for two Republicans who were in tight races. Tom Meskill was running for governor, hoping to replace the retiring John Dempsey, and Lowell Weicker was running in a three way race that included incumbent Senator Tom Dodd.


Air Force One landed at Bradley Airport and Marine One took President Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon to Hartford, and where they landed was pretty interesting. When you watch the old film, not the partially open motorcade, something we don’t see in modern times due to security concerns. At one point, Nixon got out of the limousine and met well wishers, even though protestors were nearby. There is no way the Secret Service would allow that today.

Another sign that this was a long time ago: the Mad Men era treatment of Mayor Ann Uccello. Even though Uccello was the host mayor, she was relegated to ride in another car with the first lady, while the men rode in the presidential limo.

Watch this historic flashback right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11979971/nixon-campaigned-for-lowell-wiecker

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