Mayors-Elect Bronin & Ganim Eager to Begin Work


They were the two big stories of the 2015 election. Luke Bronin elected mayor of the capital city, and Joe Ganim voted in as mayor of Connecticut’s largest city.  Even though the pair shared headlines on Tuesday, the two had never met, until they came in for a taping of Face the State that aired Sunday morning on WFSB. Both mayors-elect congratulated each other and exchanged niceties.  After the taping the two chatted briefly in general terms about the future.


In interviews with both incoming mayors, we talked about the futures of their cities. Bronin campaigned on making city hall more accountable, and we discussed his goals for moving Hartford forward. On Sunday, you’ll hear Mayor-elect Bronin discuss everything from development to police to the Dillon Stadium debacle. I also asked him about whether a casino would be good for the capital city, and if it would hurt Hartford if that entertainment facility to be run by Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun were to be built a few miles away in the suburbs.

” My instinct is that a casino is a not an answer to Hartford’s problems, If there is even going to be a discussion about it there needs to be a very public and very transparent very open one.”

Bronin also talked about a top priority, new jobs for a city with tremendous poverty.  “I want any and every job we can get in the city…. I will be fighting hard for every job of every kind anything that will bring economic growth and income to the city.”

Watch our Luke Bronin interview here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11979949/bronin-discusses-what-to-expect-for-hartford


Ganim and I talked about his agenda for Bridgeport, which has some similar budget problems to Hartford. The former mayor and future mayor also told me about his conversation with Governor Malloy and the transition with Mayor Bill Finch.  “We will cut millions of dollars and taxes…and look for efficiencies.   There are too many people on the payroll.”

I also asked Ganim about General Electric which is considering leaving neighboring Fairfield, and about a suggestion from a reporter that he might be in line to run for governor in 2018.

Watch our Joe Ganim interview here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11979957/ganim-talks-about-what-is-next-for-bridgeport

Watch our flashback right here:  https://dennishouse.tv/2010/09/08/face-the-state-flashback-president-nixon-visits-hartford-in-1970/

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