Blumenthal Buzzword Used to Defend Another Embattled Connecticut Politician

Coincidence or good lawyering?  

Less than 48 hours after Attorney General Richard Blumenthal used the word “misspoke” on national television to defend himself against allegations he lied about his military record, his fellow Democrat used the same defense.  

Hartford Mayor Eddie  Perez is accused of bribery and extortion at his corruption trial.  On Thursday, when prosecutors produced an audio tape they said proved the mayor had lied, the mayor’s attorney invoked the Blumenthal defense. 

Famed defense attorney Hubie Santos told the jury the Mayor “misspoke.”    Santos is a former prosecutor  who has represented convicted killer Michael Skakel and other prominent defendants. 

No word if the word “misspoke” was part of Santos’ defense plan all along, or whether Blumenthal’s use of the word put it in his mind.    A search in Google news for “misspoke” produced more than 1,700 news articles about the Blumenthal story.

Tonight Blumenthal is expected to be nominated to run for the U.S. Senate at the state Democratic convention in Hartford.    As tradition mandates the host mayor opens the convention.    That would be Mayor Perez.

This is going to be one interesting convention.

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  1. Now I see why you work for the Televsions station and have the plat form that you have, your a smart man, and maybe you should run for an elected office.

    I would gather that you would say no, becuase that would take all the fun out of it for you covering the politicians, when they get into trouble and have missspoken……. 🙂


  2. When I was on the Board of the Windsor Communtity Television Station in Wiindsor, one of my goals was to co-host with someone like yourself at some point in the future covering politics.

    I’m a pretty out spoken person with my laptop as some will tell you, just ask the mayor of Windsor and Enfield.


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