Embattled Perez to Support Lamont, but will Host Mayor Open Convention?

Eyewitness News has learned embattled Mayor Eddie Perez will endorse Ned Lamont in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. A source close to the mayor told us Perez will pledge his support as a delegate to Lamont.

When I contacted the Lamont campaign they told me to their knowledge Perez was still uncommitted. When I asked if they would welcome the endorsement of Mayor Perez, campaign spokesman Justine Sessions had this to say:

“Ned’s proud of the support he’s received from leaders across the state – Mayor Finch, Mayor DeStefano, and First Selectman Marconi, among others. He welcomes the support of all Connecticut voters.”

Hmmm. No mention of Perez. All of the campaigns routinely send us press releases crowing about their endorsements. It is standard procedure. It will be interesting to see if the Lamont campaign issues a statement thanking a defendant in a corruption case for his support.

The Lamont campaign is in a difficult position, as is the entire state Democratic party. Pay close attention to the convention this weekend at the Connecticut Expo Center. It is tradition that the host mayor goes to the dais and welcomes the delegates to his city. Mayor Perez has done this at past conventions. Does the party want him up there this year? Will party leaders pose with him for pictures? Remember in 2004 when then Governor Rowland was accused of corruption how his fellow party members ran the other way?

I can tell you Ned Lamont is a smart, savvy politician who will make sure he is not photographed with Mayor Perez. It is one of the lessons he learned from 2006. He knows if Perez is found guilty, Lamont’s opponents would love to use a picture of him with a convicted felon, sort of the way he used a picture of Senator Joe Lieberman and then President George Bush.

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  1. Malloy’s press release touting his Waterbury endorsement didn’t have him saying a single nice thing about the city or its mayor, either.


  2. “I can tell you Ned Lamont is a smart, savvy politician who will make sure he is not photographed with Mayor Perez.”

    Really, Dennis, based on what? If Eddie wants his photo taken with Ned, Ned’s gonna walk away? Just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?


  3. You are right in your comments here and I think that is not in Ned’s best interst that he be seen with the Mayor at this point.

    Its bad enough that he will not be there at the convention,becusae of the criminal trial that is going on.


  4. Dennis House – It’s funny that he can’t fully support Lamont. Dennis I think it’s purely because of the Media as they always tend to paint a picture that is aimed at selling newspapers and/or getting people to come to their website. Although people are innocent until proven guilty; Dennis, the media paints them as guilty. Although they use carefully constructed words they have already painted Lamont as guilty in society’s eyes which is a hard rock to turn back over once/if proven innocent.


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