Face the State Gubernatorial Poll


2010 GOP nominee Tom Foley is expected to announce tomorrow he is opening an exploratory campaign for another run for governor in 2014. Governor Dannel Malloy is expected to seek re-election, but hasn’t announced his intentions yet. Two Republican candidates, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and former West Hartford councilman Joe Visconti are official candidates (red check marks next to their pictures.) State Senator Toni Boucher and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton have launched exploratory campaigns.


Who would you vote for? Like most on-line polls, this is not a scientific poll, and we don’t know how many people are voting more than once, or several times for that matter.


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    • No no no we didn’t. Huge waste of money and resources that could be used for other needs. They also gave the contract for this construction to people outside of Ct. They have had out of state people working here the whole time. The only pay that is staying here in Ct is the cop they have standing next to it and its not usually someone from our own town.

      • The busway will come in mighty handy as they disassemble the “Aetna Viaduct” thru downtown Hartford and traffic on 84 is down to one lane all the time.

      • Yeah and the cop is standing there with one hand on his ass and the other either talking on his cell phone or drinking a cup of coffee. I’d like to know why all these cops that do extra duty on their days off have the pay they earn considered when their pensions are figured out. The biggest rip off of pension money there is. No one paid me anything extra in my pension as a teacher for all the extra hours I put in each week over a 33 year career and I couldn’t retire after 20 years like cops can nor can I collect full social security benefits having been a teacher .Cops on the other hand can retire after 20 years ,get a new job and go on
        to collect a second pension and full social security benefits.

  1. Connecticut is in dire need of bi-partisanship in our General Assembly. Single party politics aren’t working. I am personally fed up with all of the liberal agenda, and would not vote for any Democrat, in any capacity. In fact, its highly unlikely that I would even vote for an incumbent in our General Assembly.

  2. I sprayed agent orange for the d.o.t. state highway dept . and Governor won t call me back . sprayed in 1966 to 1972 . now have the same as veteran that use it , All I want is to have help . but they won t talk to me about it .

  3. I honestly did not vote for Malloy last time but when Dss lost my Foodstamps and Medicaid applications and my family was hurting, I contacted his office and received immediate action! I will vote for him!

    • Without passing judgement on your family, you or your situation, “He gave me free stuff when I needed it” isn’t the best answer when weighed against the fact that he took a state that had major budgetary surpluses and created a situation of near destitution.

      (Hope your family is doing better now, Blessed Be)

    • It’s people like you have put us in this dire situation with your willingness to vote for whomever gives you things….as the state continues its slide into financial ruin.

    • Unfortunately “quid pro quo,” is what politicians (especially Democrats) rely on. And this person exemplifies this point to the fullest. How about thinking of your fellow citizens in CT who work for a living and have had their taxes consistently rise under Malloy.

    • And that statement, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what is wrong with this entire country as a whole. He bought your vote by giving you something you really didn’t earn. That’s like taking a heroin junkie and giving them opium to get them off the heroin, then saying that the other person wants to take the opium away.

    • figures someone getting free handouts and living off the system would vote for the people giving the free handouts

  4. As a member of AFSCME and retiree from Dept. of Correction; I vividly recall the events that led to major cuts of prison staff; therefore endangering the lives of brave men and women who valiantly work there. Our Governor would never have been elected without union endorsement. The union and its members have good memories!

  5. Mr. Malloy has always been for himself, not the People Of The State Of Connecticut. He sees himself like “President” Obama, powerful and “ruler” like. He wants everything for everybody and the people who work for a living to pay for those who get “FREE” benefits. I believe that limits should be put on all the people in government offices. Not only governor, but president, vice-president, senators and representatives. The governor receives too many benefits that “WE THE PEOPLE” pay for. If he and the “President” had to pay for their own, some of the laws they endorse would not be passed. “Obama Care” should be repealed, it should never have been passed. The new gun laws are really stupid. If a person wanted to purchase a gun, most went through the proper channels and had the background checks and proper documentation. Those laws were in place before the “new” law was passed. This “new” law is just more stupidity that won’t work, if a crook wants a gun, they’re not going to go through the proper channels, they’ll get it on the black market. Why did we need a “new” law? Just to satisfy some people?

  6. I’d gladly vote for a rock before I ever vote for Malloy. I don’t know if anyone has done so much damage to a state’s reputation, economy and citizens as he has in his 2 years in office. Kat, wouldn’t you rather have someone in office that would improve the economy so you didn’t have to be on foodstamps?

    • Malloy voters (like Kat) would rather be on food stamps and gubmint cheese and Øbamaphones.They just vote themselves more and more government (taxpayer-funded) benefits while the few who still have jobs just pay and pay. The system will collapse before long, and there will be chaos.

  7. Sadly…..
    The poll results are hidden now. What happened? Some constituents of a certain candidate decided to vote and he was going up in the ranks….

    So much for honest and transparency.

  8. Whenever the results don’t go the way you want, hide them and make up the results for yourself. That’s how agendas get pushed through regardless.

  9. I am only voting for those who fully support all of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Of the list above, only Joe is on my list. McKinney, Boucher, and King Danny Boy Malloy violated their oat to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they must go!

  10. There is only one person who gave reasons for supporting Malloy. What are the rest of you thinking? There is not a single stat that supports a second term. CT is the worst state to do business in and is the 3rd worst cost of living. He has been heavy handed yet got nothing out of his fight with the teachers and unions. In no way has he been good for CT by any measure. There needs to be a vote anyone other than Danny!

  11. It’s not just Malloy who must be ousted to restore Connecticut. There’s 26 Republican Oath Breakers and over 100 Democrat miscreants who must be swept away. Talk is cheap. Get involved now. If you’re serious you will find the path to follow.

    • It reflects the strength of the 2nd Amendment, pro-gun-rights constituency. Every candidate should take notice. Foley has a chance to capitalize on that voting bloc, if he reads the tea leaves.

      • The results are clear. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters are awake, united and we vote. We will not for for anyone who restricts our rights to own a firearm. In fact, we will actively work against those who would restrict our rights to get them out of office. Let the spirit of 1776 prevail.

    • Did you libtards think us gun rights folks would go away or forget? We don’t forget, we are passionate about our constitution and the rights given to us so many years ago. None of us will EVER vote for anyone involved in taking away these rights. There is a reckoning coming in the election, just wait.

  12. I’m a registered Democrat, but ashamed of the way our state has been run by them for the past two years. It’s time for a huge change and I’m ready to support Foley. I believe in helping people in need but with boundries. I think that the short sightedness of the BusWay is a raw deal for CT. Light rail should have been the mode and the use of the rail beds would have been hugely less expensive and more useful in the long term. Maintenance for yet another highway through our cities will be a burden on taxpayers. We should have light rail to the airport from Hartford with stops at major towns as well as service to Springfield. We build a huge Convention Center and Science Center and no public transportation to bring people into the city from the airport! Who’s in charge of the DOT??? We live in a state that has one of the highest incomes in the country along with the highest taxes, gas prices, cost of living and cost of dying! We have a state university with upper echelon making millions with little or no control or oversight by the legislature. The state govt bureaus are top heavy in numbers and salaries. ITS TIME FOR A MAJOR CHANGE….NOT JUST EMPTY PROMISES!!

  13. Why did this poll loose creditability? Is it because the Good Old Boy network of political powers have no control over it? Or is it the fact the Joe Visconti stands for those who are tired of the violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights that this country is founded on instead of political payback like Malloy has done?

    • Thank you conservatives, CCDL, NRA, Tea Party and everyday common sense Connecticut Voters for your support and thank you Dennis for posting this poll. And welcome Tom Foley to the race to save Connecticut.

  14. I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for Malloy or Obama, and do not understand how people had not seen the corruption of the Democratic party. I have to say “i told you so “. both Malloy and Obama are in it for their own agenda and not for the American people and/or the Constitution. the Dems have been lying and manipulating the people since Kennedy. People need to wake up !!!!

  15. CT Democrats drive me crazy. Republicans have control over nothing, so you cannot blame them for the way things are. The Republican will win, things are just too bad right now.

  16. Malloy’s efforts have made Connecticut last in nearly everything… The worst economy of all 50 states, most hostile to business…. Look at the gun mfgs he’s chased out of the state…. 30% of the houses are for sale in my town… There are no jobs and the economy is getting worse in CT not better…. Connecticut is in a depression in large part created by Malloy…. Why is it that when democrats actions of higher taxes and greater regulation, and big give-aways fail, they think it failed because they didn’t raise taxes high enough or give enough away… That’s a mental illness when someone is that detached from reality…

  17. Being part of the productive firearms training industry we support Joe Visconti. Let’s take our state back. Good citizens should not be subject the the criminal element of gun control and we all need to stand together to get this state on a healthier track.

  18. I choose none of the above. I would not vote for someone from one of those political parties,

  19. I love this state and am so sad to see what had become of it. I have lived here for 69 years and will never leave but I am very disappointed in how the people who are in charge have handled our economy. I never thought we would be worse than California. I did not vote for Malloy and I certainly will not vote for him the second time.

  20. ★ Why is Malloy’s name at the top of the list and everyone else’s is in alphabetical order?
    ★ Poll results don’t look good for the current governor. He’ll need to update his resume for when he loses the election.
    ★ We have 4 people in our immediate family who are eligible to vote in the next Gubernatorial election, but PollDaddy will only accept ONE vote on this poll.

  21. The Poll Only Allows for the computer in the house to Vote 1 time so the polls aren’t skewed with multiple votes for a single person which seems to be a bit more valid than the actual votes cast in some cities that elected the current governor … so I think the poll is quite clear that the people in CT Do Not Want Malloy in office Any Longer – guess he & the others who signed the UnConstitutional Law back in April are lucky that CT does not have a RECALL process that other states out west have otherwise they would have already lost their political jobs

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