Rell and Rowland at St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Kara and I attended the annual Archbishop’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at the Connecticut Convention Center, along with a thousand other people.  We usually go every year and it is a great event for a great cause.     I was the featured speaker a few years back, invited to talk about my education at Catholic schools, which are the beneficiary of the breakfast.

It is a must attend event if you are in politics, and today was no exception.   Linda McMahon was there, beaming over her new poll numbers.  Oz Greibel was there telling me about some new endorsements and Lt. Governor Michael Fedele was talking about his news conference planned for later in the day.  He also ribbed me about what he perceived to be negative comments about him in my blog.   I told the Lt. Governor Fedele I had only written about how the lack of an endorsement from Governor Rell was hurting his candidacy.

Speaking of Governor Rell, Kara and I spotted her walking by our table as we were talking to former Governor John Rowland, who was seated at our table reserved for former breakfast speakers.  Rowland is also an Catholic school alum.    For a few seconds,  the former ticket that made Connecticut history by being elected three times, were within inches of each other.    The Governor was then seated at the adjacent table with breakfast organizer and our friend Laura Flynn Baldini.   Kara and I went over to the Governor and we chatted briefly about her grandchildren.    To give you a sense of how close we were, if I had stretched out my arms, one would have touched Governor Rell and the other former Governor Rowland.  Wouldn’t you love to see them both during a joint appearance on “Face the State?”

The reporters in us were waiting for Rell and Rowland to have some sort of an encounter, talk or shake hands or even exchange a glance, but we saw none of that.    Although, out of fairness it is possible they did so after the breakfast was over when people were walking out of the Convention Center.    As soon as the breakfast was over, both were approached by several people wanting to talk to them.

They certainly didn’t seem tense about their dining  proximity that was noticed by many people.  I had to wonder what Governor Rowland was thinking sitting in this beautiful massive building in the massive Adriaen’s Landing development, none of which would have been built without him.    Judging by the steady stream of visitors to the table, people still want to talk to John Rowland despite his irrevocable status as a convicted felon.    I have heard from several people, even Democrats (especially Hartford Democrats)  who still say he is their favorite governor.

For the  record though, more people were lined up to say hi to Governor Rell.

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  1. The two Governors were also in attendance together February 24th at the Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce Dinner. According the the next day’s Waterbury Republican-American, Rowland went up to Rell and gave her a hug and they chatted a bit.

    Those attending the dinner also told me that Rowland’s speech blew Rell’s out of the water that night.


  2. Dennis

    With all due respect, the next time you see Linda McMahon, train the cameras on her and ask her some hard questions, because from what I’ve read, (ie the Valley Sentinel, the New Haven Independent), reporters are having a tough time getting close to her.

    It seems as if you have more access than most, and I would love it if you used it to get some answers from her campaign, which, with the latest poll numbers, will continue to batten down the hatches and leave us with only highly scripted appearances.

    That is not democracy. Oligarchy, maybe…

    Ken Krayeske


  3. You have got to be kidding me, Bruce. That man was the last politician in office who had a spine. He may not have been right all of the time, but at least he had a stance.

    All Jodi Rell is capable of doing is forming committees and study groups. She is the most ineffective leader we have had in decades. She should kiss John Rowland every chance she gets because his resignation put her on the map.

    John Rowland is a convicted felon for accepting a hot tub – I dare say that most of our long-standing elected officials (hello, Chris Dodd) are guilty of more -especially falling asleep at the switch during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression while receiving PAC money from the very people responsible for its cause.


  4. I would take John Rowland over Rell and any of the democratic candidates any day…. Despite the ethics issues, he keep the State in line and economically sound. Something the democrats can never accomplish with their tax and spend policies.


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