Fedele’s Big Chance

Lt. Governor Michael Fedele is in charge of the state until Wednesday.  Governor Rell is out of state, due to return Tuesday night  after a trip to  Colorado to visit family.

This is a  great opportunity for Fedele to show off his gubernatorial skills.   The City of Norwich is bracing for flooding from the Yantic River and if disaster strikes, the Lt. Governor will be front and center.   

That’s a photo op Ned Lamont and Tom Foley just cannot buy.

How a person handles a storm or weather crisis can define him or her politically.  Governor Tom Meskill’s ski trip during an ice storm sealed his fate as a one term governor.  Governor Ella Grasso’s handling of the Blizzard of 1978 raised her popularity and helped define her legacy.  Depending on what happens in Norwich, Lt. Governor Fedele will get to show voters what he is made of.

More on Eyewitness News tonight.

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