Grocery Shopping with Oprah in Glastonbury

I spoke to my former co-anchor Gayle King yesterday about the final taping of the Oprah Show.   As you might imagine, she told me it was an amazing experience and that she never thought Oprah would want to do the show for 25 years.   I also asked her for an Oprah story we hadn’t heard before,  perhaps from one from of the talk show queen’s  unpublicized visits to suburban Hartford to seet Gayle.

Gayle instantly recalled a New Year’s Eve in the early 90s, right after she became divorced.  Gayle told me she was on the phone with Oprah earlier in the day saying she had no plans to do anything to ring in 1994.      A few hours later Gayle was suprised when Oprah and Stedman Graham showed up at the door of her home in Glastonbury.

As the story goes, Gayle said they all went to the Stop and Shop in town to buy some groceries.

You have to picture the scene:  a cold New Year’s Eve and one of the most famous women in the world shows up in the produce aisle.   Wouldn’t you love to see the looks on the cashier’s face?  Gayle said Oprah hadn’t been in a grocery store in ages.

By the way, Stedman cooked a pasta dinner and Gayle cherishes the memory of what she called a “great New Year’s.”

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  1. Omg…a friend told me she ran into te three if them one nye…I never believed her!! Now I feel like a jerk!!!


  2. Well Dennis, it was always a surprise and honor to serve you at Waldbaums in West Hartford. I miss that place and working there!! Do you shop at Big Y?

    Just imagine never going to a grocery store or any everyday destination. The life of a celebrity! 🙂


  3. I recall seeing Gayle King in the supermarket. Her cart was blocking the aisle and my wife shoved it out of the way. I said, ” Do you know you just shoved Gayle Kings cart?” The wife was not impressed. I said, ” Hello Gayle King.” as I passed and she said, “hi”. No Oprah though, that would have been a bonus.


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