Deep Conversation about a Fictional Dog


Yes, Denise, Al and I had a long conversation about a fictional dog who was a household name in the summer of 1976.   Who would have thought?   We are news anchors and friends who have talked about everything over the past 15 years…and this was a new chapter in our pod chatter.

It started when Denise came into work literally singing the praises of the 70s on 7 channel on satellite radio.  She was boasting about another 1976 hit, “Don’t give up on us, baby,”   and she proudly told us it was by David Soul….the Starsky and Hutch guy.

Anyway, one thing led to another and soon we were talking about the song “Shannon,”    an ode to a dead dog.  “Shannon  is gone, I know…she drifted to out sea.”    We really didn’t know anything about the song, so Al, as he is known to do, immediately googled it.   Al went on to report that the song, by Henry Gross, was about an Irish Setter that belonged to one of the Beach Boys.

“Yes, well, it is a melancholy ballad that delves into the crushing emptiness as one pines over the  passing of a cherished canine being,”  Al recited to us…or something like that.  

Wonder what we’ll talk about today?

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