The new 4 door Oxymoron: Hypocrisy is standard


I snapped a quick picture of this  vehicle on West Street in Rocky Hill today.    It was covered in bumper stickers, and one quickly learned this driver is a …well….let’s put it this way….didn’t vote for McCain.

There was an Obama sticker, a save the environment sticker, stop the war, etc.   There was also one that said

                      “If conservatives are so patriotic, then why are they sending jobs overseas.”

Hello?    I’d love to tell the driver that his car was made overseas in a foreign country by foreign workers.   He helped fund an overseas paycheck.    All I can figure is that he must be a closet conservative.

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  1. Dennis, you are so right with this car and driver!!
    Also- I don’t usually use the comments so I don’t know another way to congratulate you on your blooming family- I am also “due” the day Kara is!!! Wishing you guys the best!!!


  2. Dennis, you really aren’t that intelligent are you? I think the bumper sticker was saying that conservatives talk about being all american and patriotic, and the point is being made that it’s not very patriotic to send jobs overseas, as many conservative company heads do. nowhere on the car, or in your blog do you explain, nor would you be able to, the driver’s views of patriotism or foreign workers for that matter. maybe the person is from overseas. perhaps he or she loves cars made elsewhere and doesn’t care about american workers. the bumper sticker points out hypocrisy. you are simply guessing at it. again, not very smart.


  3. Dennis

    Don’t you just love how people spin things, like the lefty blogger above. The only hypocrisy I see is in the above post.


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