The Swine Flew Through The Park


Swines and pigs created this  scene at Elizabeth Park this weekend.  Shameful.  Litter everywhere and graffiti on the playscape.  Look at this graffiti carefully….it looks like it was done by children.  Were the parents encouraging them?  Who bought the Sharpies?   Those were left on the ground with the other litter.  If you know who did this, call Hartford Police at 860 527-6300

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  1. It is a shame to see graffiti at any location, but moreso at playgrounds.
    when i was growing up, my parents would have my hide if i ever did that. Now, its like parents don’t even care.


  2. It is a shame what has happened to the city and its parks. Growing up in Hartford and my parents still living there I shake my head everytime I drive by something suspicious or litter etc.


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