Do they really believe that?

“Phone number? ”   That’s what the cashier at Sports Authority asks as does the one at Babiesru.     I’m paying cash and they want my home number.   Do I get the cashier’s number in return?     What would she want my number for?

When I asked for an explanation I was told it is so the store can send me coupons.  Huh?  Does the cashier really believe that?  Wouldn’t it be easier to hand over the  coupons right there rather than pay for some service to determine my address, and then pay for postage to send them? 

If anybody at these stores knows the story, please post it here.

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  1. I worked at Cabelas when it first opened as a cashier. We were required to ask for phone numbers. I had a real issue with it because I personally consider it an invasion of privacy and I never give my phone number out. Because of this, I never asked for phone numbers and just made them up for each person. Cabelas told us that the numbers were used to determine where new stores should go. Never bought into that one.


  2. The only retailer I give my phone number to is Yankee Candle. They send coupons -all other stores- I politely tell them “no -I can’t give my phone number”


  3. I have also heard they use it to figure out where people are coming from to shop there. Many places ask for your zip code which is so much LESS personal but the results would be the same.


  4. I believe that it is to trace where people come from that shop at the store, I have been asked for my zip code. The zip code would give the same result as the phone number if all they are looking for is where the shoppers are coming from.


  5. Hi Dennis! I actually worked at Sports Authority when I was in college and yes, we were told that asking for a phone number was for two reasons – to get demographic information on our customers and to send our customers coupons. I used to cringe when I had to ask people but we got scolded if we didn’t! It started with zip codes in the late 90’s and then changed to phone numbers. People would give funny answers such as 867-5309 and so on… Hope this helps.


  6. Toys R Us is another store that is always asking for your number and they also use the coupon excuse. I used to give it to them thinking that I would get a coupon once in awhile, when I didn’t I stopped giving it out. Now I just tell them it’s unlisted.


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