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Farewell to our Friend

This week we say farewell to a guy whose work you see on Channel 3 everyday.    Jim Gorham, our Creative Services Director,  is leaving after being part of the WFSB family for a good part of the past two decades.

Jim oversees our on air “look.”   From the graphics, the music, the promotions, the camera angles…he is in charge of it all.   He is the architect of the “Everywhere” campaign you see.    His pet peeve?   When Denise and I change “kids” to “children” in scripts.  (It stems back to complaints from teachers)  Anyway,   Jim’s career all began in his internship back in 1995 when he was just a “kid.”   Denise recalls she always thought he “was going places.”  He is.  Now he’s off to New York.

New York is the # 1 market in the country, and is often considered the ultimate market in broadcasting.    To put it in perspective, Hartford is market # 29, and Rockford, Illinois is # 139.    To make it in Manhattan is a tremendous accomplishment, and Jim’s hiring there is a reflection of the broadcast journalism you watch here on Channel 3.   Every day at his new station will be exciting, as he’ll be bumping into Regis Philbin in the elevator and Diane Sawyer in the cafeteria.  Jim will be working with a host of Channel 3 alumni at WABC-TV, including NJ Burkett,  Jamie Roth,  and others.

We wish him the very best and thank him for his many contributions.



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