Why is our gas tax so high?

My mother drove down from Massachusetts this past weekend and said something that is becoming a real problem for our state.   “I had to get gas before I crossed the state line because it is so expensive here,”  she said.   This coming from a woman who lives in a state that used be called “Taxachusetts.”  

Connecticut now has higher taxes than Massachusetts on gas, wine, beer, cigarettes, sales, and the list goes on.

The Connecticut gas tax stands at $.44 a gallon.  In Massachusetts,  it is only $.24 cents.   For thousands of Connecticut taxpayers it makes sense to go north of the border and save some cash.  A few of our employees live in  border towns and gas up in the Bay State.   FIlling up a 20 gallon tank saves you $4.00!   A few tankfuls a week and you really rack up the savings.

For those of you who live along the Rhode Island state line, go into the Ocean State to fill up.  The tax there is $.32 a gallon.  New York’s gas tax is slightly less than ours at $.41 a gallon.

We have the second highest gas tax in the nation.   California is a penny higher, but when our tax climbs later this year,  Connecticut will be king of the gas tax nation.  Lucky us.

Question is, how did we get to this high gas tax?    Two key events led to the steady growth of the gas tax.   In 1983 The Mianus River Bridge collapse in Greenwich necessitated millions of dollars in badly needed (and overdue) highway improvements.   The gas tax helped pay for the work.      That same year a truck driver named Kluttz (I’m not kidding) crashed into a toll plaza on I-95 in Stratford, killing seven people.   The tolls were banished and the gas tax was raised to make up for the lost revenue.

So here we are a quarter century later with a gas tax that is sending local gas prices above the $4.00 mark.   What can be done?

Call your state lawmaker and tell him or her to work on getting the tax on a par with the rest of New England.    Personally, I think they ought to consider putting tolls at the border and dropping the tax.  Think of all the money outsiders would be pouring into the state coffers.      If you want an idea go to the Mass Pike on a Sunday when tens of thousands of drivers are paying the state of Massachusetts moments before driving into Connecticut.   What do we get from that?   Nada, Nothing, Zippo.   With EZ-Pass, it is easy money….easy money to which  Connecticut is saying “no thank you.”  

In theory those drivers passing through could gas up in Connecticut and pay that tax, but…naaaah.  The word is out.  Don’t buy your gas in Connecticut.

 Would you buy a gallon of milk from a store that sold it for $4.39 or from the store across the street where the price is $4.19?    

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  1. Here’s what I think, wait, check that ,,what I know!!!Right Oil exsecs getting no pity from Senate?? WRONGGG!!Congressman, Senators,High Priced Lawyers, Even Our own Clueless President as well as the other wealthy!!No Womder why Cheveron Corp. made 15 Billion in profits last Month!!The USA,,Best country on the Planet to live with most CORRUPT,Filthy Dirty Rotten Government!!There IS NOT One that does Good ,NO NOT ONE!!I would LOVE the Oportunity to tell em to Their Lying wicked faces!!So That’s One Reason why Prices will go up till we pay European Prices or worse,lest all who invests profits should decrease,POOR BABIES!!Why Can’t our wonderful government raise the sin tax on alcohol and ciggarettes, we can live without them, But we need gas to go to work!!GIVE US A BREAK!!!!I am 51 years old and never knew or have known a president yet ,democratic or republican who has the Balls to stand up to the Oil Companies!NOT ONE!!So after our next Prsidents term is over in 2012, whats gas gonna be, 10 dollars a gallon!!Snakes, Hypocrites, Brood of Vipers, They won’t escape the honest persons, hard working persons Wrath!!!Also Why can’t we resume oil drilling in Alaska and Anwaur(sorry is spelling is wrong), The Chinese are allowed!!!Oh oh Oh, thats right the environmentalists, or is it mental heads, we can go to jailand be fined 10K , if a balled eagle is harmed or a deer has an oil stain!!But out Government allows the SLAUGHTER OF OVER 2 MILLION Aborted babies a year from their Mothers whomb!!I wonder if the environmentalists and or the animals rights people, HOLD HUMAN LIFE IN THE SAME REGUARD!!!!!!!!HYpocrites, VERMIN Everyone of Them!!When I was 7 years old in 1964 gas was 12 cents a gallon and 16 cents a gallon for Hightest, they call it premium now!!Our Hideous evil wicked Government let the OIL companies RAPE Our Country!!Because they allow this evil to happen ON GOOD People, plus the other evil Like Abortion and same sex MArriages to name a few They Will Bring A pure Holy Gods Wrath upon us, sooner Than Later!!Rememberrrrr to whom Much is Given , Much is Expected!!We Condemn the Righteous and let the Wicked run Wild!!God Bless Our POlice and Firemen and Soldiers, May They ALL be Cradled in The Arms Of Jesus!!!!But Our Government,mmmmmmmmmmmmm You are Clueless, you take all the Admendments in Our Constitution and use them to allow evil, as recent as this week where now In Virginia the Supreme Court there just said the ban on late term Abortions was deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL???You are so Stupid it’s running down youir legs!! ALL You In Government are cowards, DO SOMETHING RIGHT GIVE US A DAMN BREAK!!!Philip A. Fazio Jr……. Bristol,CT.


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