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Boughton Predicts 5 or 6 Candidate Primary; Takes Aim at Lamont

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, the freshly minted endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee is predicting an August primary with five or six candidates. Boughton appeared on a special live Face the State Sunday morning to talk about the convention and the primary.

Tim Herbst and Steve Obsitnik also qualified for the primary at the convention, but Boughton said a few others could make the ballot via petition.

Democrats have immediately tried to link Boughton and Republicans to President Trump, to which Boughton responded “Trump has a higher approval rating in Connecticut than Dan Malloy.”

As for Democratic front-runner Ned Lamont, Boughton called himself “blue collar” and referred to Lamont as “someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth, part of the one percent.”

Watch Boughton’s interview here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14344784/mayor-mark-boughton-discusses-the-governors-race and part 2 here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14344795/mayor-mark-boughton-talks-gop-governor-candidates

Speaking of Lamont, during an analysis section with WNPR’s Colin McEnroe and the Hartford Courant’s Kevin Rennie, both men reported two names on Lamont’s short list for a running mate. Sources have told Rennie, and I’ve been told the same thing, that Lamont is looking at Hartford City Council President Glendowlyn Thames. McEnroe reported labor organizer Eva Bermudez Zimmerman is also being considered.

Both McEnroe and Rennie had fascinating takes on the convention, everything from a tepid endorsement, to a disaster averted,  the real winner of the convention, and a bad day for a candidate whose star was seen as rising. McEnroe also said there could be an effort to try to keep Susan Bysiewicz, the only female candidate for governor, out of the primary.

Watch that discussion here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14344792/colin-mcenroe-and-kevin-rennie-discuss-the-gop-convention

Stay tuned. It is going to get interesting. Mark your calendars for June 13th, when the GOP candidates will debate on WFSB, followed by the Democrats the next day.

WFSB debate schedule:

Republican Gubernatorial Debate – Wednesday, June 13th – WFSB Studio Rocky Hill – 7 to 8PM
Democratic Gubernatorial Debate – Thursday, June 14th – WFSB Studio Rocky Hill – 7 to 8PM
Gubernatorial Debate – Wednesday, September 26th – UCONN Campus Storrs – 7 to 8PM
U.S. Senate Debate – Sunday, October 7th – WFSB Studio Rocky Hill – 11AM to Noon
5TH District Debate – Sunday, October 21st – WFSB Studio Rocky Hill – 11AM to Noon

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