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CT-Gov: Harris In, Stewart Waiting

This Sunday on Face the State we are joined by one person who is jumping into the race for governor, another who is testing the waters. Former West Hartford Mayor Jonathan Harris, also a former state senator, and Commissioner of Consumer Protection is officially scrapping the exploratory campaign for the real deal, having reached the magic number of $250,000 to qualify for public financing.

“We have more qualifying dollars than anyone in the democratic field we will have our qualifying donations before the convention we will have our 15 percent to qualify for the primary,” Harris said.

Harris will officially announce his intentions Saturday in West Hartford.

How can Harris be an agent of change voters seem to want, when he would be replacing a governor from his own party, and an administration he was part of? Tune in Sunday at 11.

Also on Face the State, New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, who recently launched an exploratory campaign. Why not go all in, and run for the job, and what, if elected, would she do as governor in her first 100 days in office?

Media coverage recently has been dominated by the Florida school shooting. What is the impact of watching too much of it? Psychologist David Bendor of the Institute of Living is with us.

Our flashback takes us back to 25 years ago this weekend, when on February 26, 1993 terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. You’ll see a clip of WFSB coverage, including a report I filed from the base of the twin towers; massive skyscrapers we never thought could fall.

Tune in Sunday at 11 AM on WFSB for Face the State.

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