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Kennedy and Stemerman Headline Sunday’s Face the State

We had two exclusive interviews for you this past Sunday on Face the State. First, State Senator Ted Kennedy talked bout his decision not to seek re-election. It was a move that stunned the state, especially because a year ago many Connecticut Democrats were hoping he would run for governor.

How close did Kennedy get to launching a campaign for the state’s top office anyway, and would he run again for political office particularly the congressional seat held by Rosa DeLauro should she retire someday?    The answers right here:


Most importantly, Kennedy told us about what his next actions will be after his term is up, and why he feels his next role is where he can do the most good.

We were also joined by a Republican candidate for governor who has kept an extremely low profile since entering the governor’s race this past fall. David Stemerman’s appearance on Sunday’s Face the State was the first time in his life he’s been interviewed on television.

The former hedge fund manager made headlines when he donated $1.8 million dollars into his campaign. I asked Stemerman about why he will be different, when other self-funding candidates have not been successful. He also talked about his plan to fix the state, which includes “big and fresh” ideas, among them some private investment into public infrastructure like rail. transportation. “We can bring in billions of dollars of private to rebuild trains, roads and the airport….the plan we are developing includes trains from New York City to Stamford in 30 minutes and New Haven to New York in 50 minutes. That would be game changing for those cities.”

I also asked Stemerman about the upcoming convention and more.   Watch the interview here:

We had analysis from Kevin Rennie of the Hartford Courant and Daily Ructions and Todd Feinburg, the voice of afternoons on WTIC AM 1080 radio.  Kevin also reveales some behind the scenes machinations in the race for governor.   Which Democrat asked another to drop out of the race for governor?

Watch here: http://www.wfsb.com/category/213663/face-the-state

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