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Srinivasan: “Lamont is the Toughest Democrat to Beat”

This Sunday on Face the State we continue our look at the candidates for governor with Republican Prasad Srinivasan joining us. The state representative and physician says he has raised the required $250K to qualify for public financing and it is now onto the convention in May. There are no fewer than thirteen Republicans seeking the state’s top job and I asked Dr. Srinivasan if that is too many, and whether it hurts GOP chances in the general election.

We also talked about the Democrats, and Srinivasan focused on Ned Lamont. “Ned Lamont is the one I feel will be the toughest for us to beat.” More on that on Sunday. Srinivasan was asked about his stance on other issues including the Hartford bailout. He is against that taxpayer funded help, due to a “conflict” because of Mayor Luke Bronin,…“making it even worse that you are giving a bailout to someone running for governor.”

Also on Face the State we will talk about the debate over whether marijuana should be legalized in our state. State Representatives Juan Candelaria and Pam Staneski are with us.

For a municipal perspective on the budget crisis we are joined by Old Saybrook First Selectman Carl Fortuna and Milford Mayor Ben Blake, and our flashback is a clip from an interview we did with this Connecticut governor asking him about his political future.  Recognize him?  Join us Sunday morning at 11 for the Face the State on WFSB Channel 3.

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