Governor Talks Polls, His Record, and Likeability


Four years this week Dan Malloy’s quest to become governor got a big boost thanks to a Quinnipiac University poll showing him nine points ahead of Republican rival Tom Foley. On Wednesday, a different story for the governor. This time QU has him six points behind in a bitter rematch.

Governor Malloy is our guest on Face the State this Sunday on WFSB, and we asked him about the poll, and another CBS News/New York Times poll showing him a point ahead. We also talked about his record, his likeability, and much more.  Another question I put to the governor:  whether he regrets raising certain taxes.

Also asking the questions this weekend, Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror and Matt DeRienzo of Connecticut Magazine.

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM for Face the State on WFSB Channel 3.


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  1. I would rather see Jodi Rell back in office. I have tried so many times to get in touch with Malloy and every attempt has the same result and its so sad because of the type of situation and not only does it effect me but also a lot of other people in Connecticut! He just never helps!


  2. people keep saying that Malloy raised more taxes and what not…no, the tax was already there and was set to go up even before he got put into office. he has been a way better Governor than what we have had in the past.


  3. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us. We elected you in good faith, you failed to keep your promises. Taxes are higher, jobs still scarce, you attack your opponent on only one real cloudy issue that has been beaten to death. The State unions backed you and you raped them. They are still supporting you but the rank and file oppose you. The 48000 votes plus their families cannot be guarantee so what can you say that would make us believe that in the next 4 years, you can improve conditions rather than continue the downturn slide. Please convince me that you have a plan and real goals that will improve our state. If not, we can only turn to someone else.


  4. I feel that Malloy has done an exceptional job for the many crisis-type situations that occurred during his term. You can’t blame him for problems caused by federal problems.


  5. I am also really tired of all of the negative ads Malloy is running. Instead of attacking and running negative ads, maybe you should tell us what you plan to do to fix things. The gas tax, the taxes on services that were never taxed, the increase in the sales tax, all of these little increases in what we have to pay out of our hard earned income make it so much more difficult to live here.


  6. Use the power of your VOTE! VOTE Malloy OUT! Malloy doesn’t understand that we do not have another penny left to put into this sinking ship of a state. It was my joy to live here. But no more.


  7. I’m not sure if Foley is a better choice, but anybody other than Malloy. He’s killing us middle-class folks financially.


  8. I wrote an artical about politicians talking the talk but saying nothing, which is exactly what Malloy & Foley are doing. Neither one can make a point on how they can or would make a difference for Connecticut or it’s citizens. The Governor has done nothing to improve the quality of life for his citizens, except raising taxes on everything but breathing. He did resend the Tax on owning a horse, and I’m sure that will help those who own horses, but still Tax those who own dogs & cats who pay for grooming. The Fusion Paper Board closing was another wasted effort on Malloys & Foleys part slinging mudd at each other for doing the same thing, when they both knew the plants were going to close anyway. In a statement written in a Forbes article in 2013, 300,000 people have moved out of Connecticut, Colt & Marlin, among other companys have also left, because of poor business relationship with the governors unfriendly tax cost. Once again the citizens of Connecticut are faced witha no win pick for a governor. If there was a way to bring back Ella Grasso back, Connecticut might survive. She was the best governor this state had in the past 50 year.


  9. no he is the best governor ever if folly got in to office it will all be for not for folly it is about him and what money he would earn molloy does not even get paid i know that for a fact for i work in payroll that pays governors folloy will make things work privatise state workers to lose jobs so they can go to private sector who wants to make profit ect ect i dont like folloy


  10. I’ll disagree he’s done an exceptional job. In lieu of budget cuts, he raised taxes (reference his negotiation attempt on union wages). His & his administrations handling of Hurricane Irene & the October snowfall with power outages was horrendous. It wasn’t a time to step away from CL&P but to hit. That issue head on. I’m in support of background checks & some of the restrictions as an avid shooter. But don’t preach it will prevent another school crisis.
    I’m interested in hearing platforms but his past 4 years defined how he will manage his next 4 years. And based upon handling the above and the exodus of companies from Connecticut, I can’t see him be the choice candidate for another 4 years


  11. My husband and I are tired of being taxed to death. When Malloy put the “retro-active” tax in , I drove a school bus at that time… One week alone he took $200 of my pay for that retro active income tax! As baby boomers, we are retiring out of Connecticut!


  12. I have always voted democratic but this time I’m thinking I may not vote at all
    Dan Malloy has not found a tax he couldn’t raise
    He spends to much and doesent cut enough
    I think he’s out of touch on how life is for the people in ct
    I think we need more checks and balances


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