Campaign 2018: the Race for Connecticut Governor


It was a busy year for the nearly two dozen people interested in being Connecticut’s next governor. All of the declared and exploratory candidates pictured above appeared on Face the State to talk about their plans. Democrat Chris Mattei has since decided to run for Attorney General. I made every effort to include Republican candidate David Stemerman, but he has not returned my calls inviting him to appear on the program.

That question mark could represent another candidate, maybe two or more.   2018 could bring some additional faces to the collage above, including House minority leader Themis Klarides and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont.  New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart also expressed some interest, but sources say she may run for lieutenant governor.

Who do you like for our next governor?

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  1. It is about time that we have fiscal and monetary sanity in Ct. Recent policies have killed the ” Golden goose “.,How many companies with their jobs have gone from Ct?
    How much have our taxes increased to cover this deficit?
    George Essenfeld


  2. I would like a good Independent or Democrat to run. Im worried about republicans that don’t stand up for the people they vote for their party and not the interest of the people. We are watching this happen in Washington & it worries me that with enough pressure they will vote party lines.


  3. I like the fact that we have more Republican running this state thrived when Republican we’re running it. Ever since a democratic took it we have lost jobs, higher taxes. Sad.. I would like as I said of course hear more about Visconti, Sriinivasan, and Herst the Independent. I love different ideas and what are they going to do to keep this state safe, jobs, taxes, education.


  4. If only every voter gets a chance to learn about Prasad, his progressive yet fiscally responsible views or better yet attend one of his presentations, they will want to vote for him, Republican or Not !!!


    • Ram C:

      …his progressive yet fiscally responsible views…

      That is a contradiction in terms. Progressive is, pretty much by definition, fiscally irresponsible. Progressive liberalism is what has created the fiscal mess that CT is now in. CT needs a fiscal conservative, not a progressive, even if he does have an R after his name.

      Mike Handler is the guy. He helped fix up Stamford’s fiscal problems, and he can fix CT’s.


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