Face the State

“If Foley-Boughton had won in 2010…”

The 2018 election is just over a year away so this Sunday on Face the State we take a look at the race for governor. We are joined by Republican Mark Boughton, the mayor of Danbury, who is exploring a run for governor. Judging by his comments during our taping, he seems inching closer to an official run.

Boughton first talked about his recent health scare, and the surgery he underwent to remove an apple-sized tumor from his brain. He then talked about his idea to repeal the income tax and the state of the state. Boughton was the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor in 2010, and as he pointed out, he and Tom Foley lost by a narrow margin to Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman.

“Tom Foley is a very smart man and we would have taken state in a different direction. At the end of the day we would have respect for our business community, our employers, have kept them here and stopped the drain on resources.”

DH: “Would you have lost GE and Aetna?

MB: “Never. That never would have happened. Inconceivable.

More on Sunday.

Also on the broadcast this weekend, Sunday marks 100 days without a state budget. We will talk with state representatives Melissa Ziobron (R) and Tony Guerrera (D) and Brian Flaherty of CBIA.

Tune in Sunday morning at 11 AM on WFSB.

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