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Parents Scaring Their Kids About Trump; Kane Talks 2018 Governor’s Race


“Donald Trump is going to kick people out of the country.”  “Jayden says Trump is going to put people in jail.”   These are some of the things kids have been saying since the election, and a well respected child psychiatrist at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living is warning the youngsters are being scared unnecessarily…by adults.

We’ve seen the protests and the concerns some adults have over the incoming president, and some of the grown-ups are passing along their fears to children, who repeat them to their friends and classmates. Sunday on Face the State, we are joined by Dr. David Bendor, who will explain in-depth how the election aftermath should be discussed with children….or not.

Bendor says there is nothing wrong with having “politics free” family events, especially on this Thanksgiving weekend. Bendor has some great insight into the damage adults might be doing to children by trashing President-elect Trump.  Of course, it also depends on the age of the child, and Bendor discusses that, too.


Also on Sunday, we will talk with State Senator Rob Kane, who might run for governor in 2018. He’s taken the first step, and he will lay out why he wants to be governor, and why he wants to run against Governor Malloy, who has not decided on a third term.

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