An Old “3” Comes Back to Life


Perhaps like many parents, Kara and I recently painted our basement so the kids can have some more room to play. We threw out junk that had been in boxes for years and came across a few things we weren’t quite sure what to do with.

One such item was an old WFSB “3” that was part of our news set in the mid 1990s. It replaced a printed version that wasn’t used all that long, and was later replaced by a stainless steel version that had a good long run.

Why do we have it? When WFSB moved out of the old Broadcast House in 2007, management sold off things to employees like old furniture and other stuff. That 3, which is made out of some light wood and styrofoam type of material had some dings on it, and we got it for a couple of bucks. What its purpose would be was unclear, but it seemed like a cool thing to pick up.

Now it is hanging on the wall of our basement, dings, marks and all, near the ping pong table. The kids like it: “that’s where Mom and Dad met.”  I also now have a place to display some old Whalers swag.


At that same tag sale, we also bought and re-purposed another old piece from a former Channel 3 studio. See that right here:



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