Ex-Candidate Has Message for Blacks and Republicans


The 2012 senate race in Connecticut was an epic battle between Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon, but remember Brian K. Hill?

Hill lost the Republican nomination to McMahon, but picked up some admirers along the way who characterized his political future as bright.  Hill sat out the 2014 races, but what about 2016?

The Windsor attorney has been serving in the military reserves overseas, but during a brief trip home he came on Face the State to talk about his party, black voters and what’s next for him.   Tune in Sunday.

Also this weekend it seems every week there is a new study predicting doom and gloom for Connecticut, and we have another one with some mixed results.   Is there any silver lining to a declining birth rate and shrinking school population?  We will ask Paula Gilberto and Scott Gaul, who worked on a new research project so Metro Hartford can plan for the future.

Our flashback:  twenty years ago this week, the death of an Olympian who called Connecticut home was our big story.  We have a report from our archives from Gayle King.

Tune in Sunday morning at 11AM for Face the State on WFSB Channel 3.


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