Malloy: Scarborough Not a Factor in Run for Third Term


A year ago this week, Governor Dannel Malloy was re-elected, but there is already speculation about who will run for governor in 2018.  Republicans would like to recapture the seat they won in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006, and one of the names being thrown around as a potential candidate is MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

The host of “Morning Joe” lives in New Canaan, and recently attracted quite a bit of buzz as a potential candidate due to his public criticism of Connecticut’s tax policies that have General Electric considering a move out of state.


Malloy, who has not said whether he sees a third term on the horizon, has been irked by Scarborough’s comments, which have added fuel to the fire that Connecticut is unfriendly to business.

I asked the governor what he thinks of Scarboough as a candidate for governor:

GOV: “He’s an entertainer…. He thinks everthing is black and white.”:

DH:  “If he were to run for governor in 2018, would you be tempted to run?”

GOV:  “ I am putting decision off for a couple of years….. he would be a non-factor in my decision making process”

Watch the entire interview here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11961194/gov-dannel-malloy-one-on-one-interview-with-dennis-house

The Scarborough exchange is at 8:50

Watch Joe Scarborough’s Face the State interview right here: https://dennishouse.tv/2015/06/11/scarborough-connecticut-is-in-crisis/

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  1. Typical republican….very quick to criticism and express thoughtless opinions but never any realistic ideas. Only good a slashing folks throats! Mr. Scarborough, don’t bother wasting your money to run in 2018, you will not have that much support. I really hope Governor Malloy runs a 3rd Term. Would love to see a democrat make 3 terms….Future plans..


    • The Democrats own this mess they created and voters are getting mighty tired of the corrupt Democrats in this state.


  2. Nope. The plan is clear – Joe Ganim builds credibility as Mayor of Bridgeport until the Governor’s race, and takes that to build for replacing President Hillary, when her turn is up. The only question is, does she have ONE or TWO terms in her?


      • it is very true. Malloy told us last year we;d be getting a $55 rebate then the next month we were in a deficit. He passed laws that end of chasing businesses out and making CT the least business friendly state in the country. Malloy is a lousy steward of the taxpayers money.And he and the Democrats have caused this mess.


  3. Love Joe Ganim to the moon and back…supported him in his campaign and very proud….However, Malloy will win a 3rd Term. He is loved by the majority..Ganim cannot shut down the Malloy Administration…We will not have that…Ganim is good with Bridgeport….Malloy is good with the majority of the towns….Malloy for 2018 baby!! This is only Malloy’s 1st year of his 2nd term…..We will work hard and protect him. He will work with all…That’s how Malloy’s heart is…..Fair!!


      • In your world, terminate Social Security, terminate Medicare & Medicaid, terminate Environmental Protection, terminate food inspections, terminate Capital Gains Tax, terminate the tax on dividends, terminate the inheritance tax, terminate the corporation tax, terminate the gift tax, terminate unions, terminate workers compensation, terminate pensions, terminate most private health insurance, and have us in the middle war east forever…. all in the name of expanding the economy and normalizing markets.


  4. Scarborough wants to double down on the Republican false theories of ‘trickle-down’ and ‘supply side’. We’ve had 35 years of this. The filthy rich greedy cry babies are like a wet blanket over the economy, slowing down the ‘velocity of money’ and ‘money multiplier’, which is hurting the vast majority of non-wealthy Americans.


  5. Scarborough cries over his taxes, the same way as O’Reilly, Hannity, Michelson, and Levin cry over their taxes. They all pay less in taxes, than a 50K single person. These gentlemen need to pay higher taxes.


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