Somers on Foley Campaign: “I Would Have Done Things Differently”


As a Republican wave swept the nation, Governor Dan Malloy did better than he had in the polls and was re-elected to a second term, besting his margin of victory from 2010. So what went wrong for his Republican opponent Tom Foley?

In an interview that aired Sunday on Face the State, Foley’s running mate shared her thoughts on why the GOP ticket went down in defeat. The number one reason, according to the former Groton mayor? The negativity of the campaign.

Somers told me the nasty advertising turned off voters, especially women, and she was critical of the campaign’s effort or lack of, to woo female voters. She said Republicans had the right message, and I asked her if she felt the party had the right messenger.

During our conversation, Somers suggested she was not part of the campaign’s inner circle. “This was Tom’s campaign,” Somers lamented. “Of course, I would have done things differently.” Did Foley take any of her advice? Which political offices could she run for in the future, perhaps challenging Senator Richard Blumenthal or Congressman Joe Courtney in 2016?

Watch Somers answer those questions right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10849492

Also Sunday, we met the new superintendent of schools in Hartford, Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Mayor Pedro Segarra talked about the election fiasco, and our flashback takes us back to the winter of 1969 and Channel 3 storm coverage. Check out the hat!



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  1. hate to bust her bubble but malloy while no prize was the lesser of 2 evils.there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from. Foley couldn’t contradict the negative ads because they were true ..people knew they had survived Malloy once and probably could again that assurance wasn’t there for Foley. and you got to remember this is a blue state.


  2. should be a wake up call to the GOP to get a candidate that has values the common person can relate to, and not someone who a finance their own campaign, and do nothing but put down what’s left of the working class in Connecticut. With Malloy back in, Connecticut will collapse.


  3. it wasn’t just the negative campaign, it was I have a PLan , but would never say what that plan was , plus his not paying any taxes, Americans are fed up with the wealthy not having to pay any taxes and sooner or later it will lead to some sort of uprising against them.


  4. HD Schluntz: I agree with some of your post but it was Malloy who got CT back on it’s feet after near collapse. Once he got into office he realized what a financial mess we were in because of the previous administration. He did his best to correct this and we are much better off….during our severe storms, he did a great job. Also we are a blue state for a reason, we are more educated than red states. The GOP only caters to the super Rich, the religious fanatics, and the most ignorant and uneducated of our society…..that is today’s GOP. It has changed from the past ( it wasn’t great then but has got far, far worse) We have to ensure the Republicans stay out of power locally and nationally. They have have a very inferior and destructive ideology.


  5. James L. – painting with a bit of a broad brush, aren’t you? Its the extremes on both side that lead to an ineffective government. Perhaps a little more of a bipartisan approach would help.


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