You’ve probably noticed some of the guys on the Channel 3 team have been looking rather hirsute lately, but it’s for good reason. “Movember” or “no shave November” is a nationwide effort to raise awareness about men’s health. Women have no problems talking about mammograms and going to the “gyno” but we men don’t talk about our health concerns.  “Hey I just had my testicles checked,” said no one ever.


I put this question out on Facebook last month: “when was the last time you went to the doctor?” I was stunned by some of the responses. “5 years, 10 years, even 25 years.”

I go to the doctor every year and you should go on a regular basis and the frequency depends on your age. Watch this interview I did with Farmington internist Dr. Julian Nieves on when guys need a physical exam. http://www.wfsb.com/video?clipId=10675917&autostart=true

As for the facial hair, it’s a new thing for many of us in television. Although views on beards and moustaches are changing, it used to be that  growing something on your face was forbidden for tv anchors. One of our consultants gave an easy explanation for that:  “You might remind viewers of one of these infamous guys.”


When Movember is over we will shave it off, but for one final day I might leave some of my scruff and copy the grooming styles of President Abraham Lincoln or President Chester Arthur. What do you think?


By 2015, the facial hair for Movember might become passe, so for next year what if we grew mullets? Check out mine: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/11/05/mullet-memories/

Also, what do you think of making January a month for women, when perhaps they don’t shave their legs for a month? We could call it Estrogenuary! This could be Denise!


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  1. I hate the look. All of u r so handsome already please let November be over. I do support the cause


  2. I think it is for good reason and you all look great. All of you guy’s are clean cut and very well groomed, I hope you all have fun doing this. Love you All..


  3. You all look way better with out the beards!!! Men should go to the doctors every year for a check up They don’t need a beard to remind them!


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