Kara’s Book Launch


This was a big week for my family and the Channel 3 family, as Kara Sundlun launched her book, “Finding Dad.” A big crowd gathered at the historic Mark Twain House to listen to another Hartford writer talk about a book that took her two years to write.


Among those there for the kickoff and signing: many members of the Eyewitness News Team including Denise D’Ascenzo, whom Kara calls her “sister,” and her Better Connecticut co-anchor Scot Haney. Governor Dan Malloy, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Mayor Pedro Segarra were also on hand to listen to master of ceremonies Susan Campbell conduct a Q and A with Kara, who is also Susan’s former student. Yes, Kara took a course in memoir writing at the Twain House from the former Hartford Courant columnist, who is also a published author.


The book chronicles Kara’s quest to meet her father, the late former governor of Rhode Island Bruce Sundlun. It was a complicated journey (hint: they met when she was 17) and the book delves into a story that made national news in 1993.

Kara has been making the rounds on CBS This Morning , Fox News, the Hartford Courant, Connecticut Magazine, WNPR and other outlets and more to come. There are also more book signings and reviews right here: check out http://www.karasundlun.com

Thanks to Shelly Sindland for most of these pictures! Here are more: http://www.shellysindlandphotography.com/Kara-Sundlun-book-signing#!/i-V8sCc6L

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  1. I just finished reading Kara’s book today. What a wonderful story, so touching and heartwarming. I cried and times and laughed other times. I’m a fan of WFSB and Better CT, so I was familiar with Kara’s story and her search for “Finding Dad”. It was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I’m so glad Kara and her father had so many happy years together. The photos in the book were an extra plus!


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