Our New Pet


Kara fell in love at WFSB a few weeks ago…with a kitten. She called me at home and said a kitten that appeared on Better Connecticut came up to her and made a love connection. Check out the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about and get the back story on the cat.

Anyway, within a few days we had adopted this new cat, which is a Turkish Angora, who along with 56 other members of her family, was rescued and being cared for by the Little Guild of St. Francis in Cornwall.

The cat needed a name, and after a few days of talking about it and nixing Bianca, Blanche and others, we decided on Luna, a suggestion from Denise D’Ascenzo, who knew Kara wanted a name that had a connection to the kitten’s color. It means moon in Italian. The kids picked Pearl as the middle name.


Not everyone rolled out the carpet for Luna Pearl House. Our cat Angelo was not too happy about his only child status coming to an end and quickly showed the newcomer who was boss in true Alpha male behavior. There have been some velociraptor types of confrontations that clearly terrify the one pound kitten, but Angelo seems to be coming around as you can see in the picture at the top. Either that, or he likes his prey nice and clean. The jury is still out. We’ll keep you posted. If you want to adopt a pet from the Little Guild, click here:


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  1. Dennis and Kara,
    Congrats to you on the addition to your family. Luna Pearl is an adorable kitten, and I’m sure Angelo and Luna will become playmates real soon. I love the first picture with Angelo and Luna Pearl bonding. Cats/kittens are the best animals. We have a four year old orange tabby cat, Oliver, and he brings our household such joy. I can’t wait to see an update here on how Angelo and Luna Pearl are doing.


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