Foley Talks Wealth, His Resume, and Malloy


For the next two weeks on Face the State, we are focusing our attention on the two major party candidates for governor, Governor Dan Malloy and former Ambassador Tom Foley. Earlier this month we invited the two men to come in for separate interviews, and after checking their schedules, the taping dates were finalized. This Sunday our guest was Mr. Foley, the following Sunday, Mr. Malloy.

During our taping, we talked a good deal about the subject matter used in attack ads against Foley. I asked Foley about his wealth, the taxes he’s paid, his record running a company, his agenda and much more.

Our flashback takes us back to the election of 2006, when Governor Jodi Rell was running against New Haven Mayor John DeStefano.

governor rell


Watch part 1: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10776581

Watch part 2: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10776584

Watch flashback: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10776585

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  1. I’m looking for some substantive answers to some har hitting questions. After 5 years of listening to him spout the same fluffy rhetoric for five years, I still don’t know what he would do to achieve goals. His education plan is so old that it ‘s already reached the been there done that stage Parents are now starting to demand top notch performance from ther local neighborhood school. And don’ t blame the teachers. Many of our teachers have received all ther degrees from instate colleges, and many more their graduate degrees even if they went to school in other states It is not where they work that makes a teacher good or bad. It is the teacher him/ herself and their own standards and expectations. Maybe he was good at running a business, maybe he wasn’t. I do know that he is a poor campaigner who has demonstrated over and over again that he does not have the ability to explain how he would do the job. He is a very poor, shallow communicator of his ideas and plans. In all the debates he has not demonstrated much enthusiasm for the job. He is rather arrogant when he says we should vote for him because of his business success. As a person who has run businesses, he wouldn’t Hire himself if he interviewedas poorly as he has presented himself in the debates. Of the three people running, he is the one person I would never vote for. (By the way, I am well educated with a bachelors, and a few advanced degrees from our state universities)


  2. There is just “something” about Foley I just don’t like!! Maybe it’s his beady eyes, maybe, for some reason he just wants that seat…it scares me not knowing what his true agenda is!! Now, mind you, I don’t like Malloy, either but, I believe he’s the lesser of two evils!!


  3. My word! Another set of totally bad choices for the State of Connecticut. If this is the “Best” that Connecticut has to offer, we all need to move out of this state to somewhere where there is common sense and realistic objectives.


  4. I watched the interview. Mr Foley did offer a little more information. I was particularly interested in his response on how he would relate to a ferry boat driver and a fast food worker. He completely ignored the workers and talked about himself and he great(???) he is. If I remember correctly, jobs for the middle class and lower class weren’t a problem in this state until the collapse of the mortgage industry hit this state very hard. Banks stopped loaning money to small business owners and they had to go out of business. Because many consumers weren’t working, shopping and eatting out other businesses lost their customer bases. Cash flow for business was a major problem, not taxes. At least, not until incomes for both people and business slowed down or disappeared. This is what hit Connecticut’s economy. Foley does not seem to relate to how the recession hit the middle class. He didn’t have to apply for food stamps or energy assistance, or use the local food bank to help feed his family. Those things were very real to many hourly workers, as well as not being able to pay their mortgages on their overpriced homes.


  5. Time for a change…tired of listening to the same old political commericals from Malloy…boring…he had his chance and it did not work…time for someone else to try to turn the state around. Every day I drive by that bus rail from New Britain to Hartford and this is one of the “union paybacks” that irks me. Yes many of the middle class are struggling and many can not pay their bills because of the refinancing of their homes…using them for piggy banks to live way beyond their means. I fully understand hard times but you have to live within your means and if this means cutting back you cut back. If the politician works for me he or she gets my vote…but if they have done nothing to make a change they are not getting my vote. I will be voting for Foley because Malloy has failed…


  6. I know less about Mr. Foley than I do about Gov Malloy. Mr. Foley has no idea or idea’s on running this state. A vote for Mr. Foley would be disaster for the state. We have come this far let’s continue to improve with Gov Malloy.


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