Boughton: Lauretti is My New Running Mate


Dumped by the woman he named to be his running mate, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is moving forward with his campaign for governor with a new partner. During a taping of Face the State set to air Sunday on WFSB, Boughton told me Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti has agreed to shift out of the race for governor and run for lieutenant governor. Boughton said the two will combine their resources allowing Boughton to qualify for public financing. Official papers for the new political marriage will be filed tomorrow.

Boughton also talked about being ditched by Heather Somers, saying he found out about it on a :35 second voicemail left by the former Groton mayor. Boughton said he “didn’t like” her backing out of an agreement, and added it wouldn’t be the way he would do things, talking about his loyalty to his first running mate in 2010, then Lt. Governor Michael Fedele.


“I’m sort of old school when you shake hands and look someone in the eye and agree to do something, I believe in keeping your word……Does it say something about her about her character, I’ll let her actions be a judge of that and I’ll let the people be a judge of her actions.”

During the interview we talked about his plans for running in the primary, and what it will take for Republicans to win in November. The key, the always candid Boughton told me, was nominating a different candidate from 2010: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again.”

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11 for Face the State.

I’ve now been doing this tv thing for 25 years. Yikes. Watch this old clip right here: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/05/09/quarter-century-an-anchorman/

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  1. It’s all about the money with Boughton. He’s a disingenuous weasel with a thin skin. You can see it in his comments. He’s also a guy who governs like a true Democrat.


  2. I requested my maxed out Somers 2014 contribution back. I gave to Somers when I thought she and Boughton were a team. Now that she has broken their agreement, I asked for my money back. No reply from the Somers camp. #paymeback #Somers2014


  3. I also requested the return of my contribution to Somers 2014 (which was solely based on her running with Mark Boughton) – and have received no response.


  4. Well now that Boughton is no longer associated with Heather Somers, I’ll write as large of a check as I can to her. I would have supported her earlier but I thought she was still associated with Boughton.


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