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Moms Take Over Face the State Studio


In what we believe is a first here at WFSB, all of the guests on Sunday’s edition of Face the State are mothers, mothers who are also politicians. It is Mother’s Day after all, so what more appropriate way to discuss politics than with members of a growing force in the electorate and in elected office.


First, we will talk about the legislative session and the new laws that will impact all of us. We are joined for that segment by two state representatives, Democrat Michelle Cook of Torrington and Republican Melissa Ziobron of East Haddam. The two have similar values, yet vastly different opinions about what she be done under the golden dome. As you’ll see on Sunday, both Cook and Ziobron both agreed that lawmakers did not do enough this past session.

Also on the program, two up and comers in suburban Hartford. Republican Nancy Haase is the Deputy First Selectman of Simsbury, and Shari Cantor, a Democrat, is Deputy Mayor of West Hartford. We talked about the challenges they faced as women in a field once dominated by men, why Hillary Clinton is the only woman mentioned as a presidential candidate, the most important issue to women, and much more.



Our flashback is a story regarding women that you might get a laugh out of. 25 years ago, I was a freshly minted anchor and reporter in Rockford, Illinois and one of my assignments was to look into whether men’s and women’s bathrooms were created equally. Read more about that here: That’s me waving in my photographer to come into the ladies’ room so we could “investigate.” Insipid.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there including my own, Marilyn House. That’s me in the red.

Watch Face the State right here:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:


And to my awesome wife Kara Sundlun, mother of our two children.


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