The Home Improvement Era, B.C. (before children)


It’s funny all the time we used to have before we had children. My wife and I painted almost every inch of our home back in the day. Kara made curtains and ripped off wallpaper, I built shelves and installed wainscoting and crown moulding, and we loved every minute of it. But without a doubt, our favorite home project was preparing a nursery for our first born more than seven years ago.

The story of transforming a junk room into a nursery was documented by the Hartford Courant, for a report in their “At Home” section. Also included in the story were our friends Jamie Muro and Rebecca Stewart then reporters at two of the other television stations in town. Thanks to MaryEllen Fillo for a great article that was picked up by newspapers all over the country and beyond. The article is a nostalgic keepsake for our daughter. Our son didn’t get such an article, but then again the second child always gets shafted right??



Both these nurseries were a far cry from mine.


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