West Hartford Father Meets with Possible Presidential Candidate, Awaits CT Officials


This Sunday on Face the State we talked about a teenager from West Hartford whose case has made national headlines. Justina Pelletier is now in the custody of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her parents and some doctors say Justina suffers from mitochondrial disease, but other doctors disagreed, and they called state officials who took custody away from her parents. That was more than a year ago.

Lou Pelletier has traveled back and forth to Boston repeatedly, to of course see his daughter and to fight a custody battle that some politicians seemingly want to avoid. Pelletier feels very strongly that help from Governor Dannel Malloy, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, and Congressman John Larson could help free his youngest daughter.


In the link below, you’ll see Lou Pelletier explain this complicated case and he made some shocking allegations: that doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital are using Justina for experiments, treating her like a lab rat. Justina’s father also delivered a plea to the aforementioned elected officials: please meet with him. Pelletier told me they have all rebuffed his requests to help their teenaged constituent being held a hundred miles from home. But while Pelletier is having trouble from his own elected officials, he did get an audience with a potential presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Watch the interview with Lou Pelletier: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10051891


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  1. They need to step up and help this man!! Help them bring their daughter home!! How can this be ok?? I mean I understand when there is clear evidence of abuse and so forth, the state can step in, but they went to Boston for HELP and Boston STOLE their child!! Im not claiming to know the whole story but out of what I do know, I don’t see any legitimate reason that this is happening to them. It’s all hogwash.

    • I completely agree with you 100%! I feel so bad bad this family and the gov’t has gone nothing but endanger her life and her health has rapidly declined. Having a rare dresses myself that went undetected got 43 years, neurological, I’m still fighting with Dr.’s. They make you feel like your crazy and nothing is really wrong with you and your only looking for drugs.
      They are horrible and then to top it off the gov’t has stepped in and took their child away. I hope he gets the help hr needs. Something’s has to be done.

  2. CT needs to step up and help this family. This has gone on too long for absolutely no reason at all. They went to Boston Children’s Hospital from Tufts to see one particular doctor – one they never even got to see – and immediately were intercepted by psychiatrists who said it was their way or the highway. How does one hospital trump the other? What is so special about BCH that the judge has taken their side over Tufts who had been treating Justina longer. And now this poor family is lost in this never ending bureaucracy. For what? No evidence has been presented showing the family is negligent. This is all a ploy of BCH and MA DCF and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. Somebody must be able to do something but they are choosing not to. Can’t wait to see Malloy and Patrick gone.

  3. The judicial system is unfortunately a place that is not the best place for children they become a number and unimportant..children are people with feelings and the judicial system takes to long to correct issue

  4. It’s the politician’s fault in the first place that this type of thing happens! They take away our rights and make laws that invade our lives!

  5. 4 years ago my son raised his right hand and took an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution and We The People of the United States. He meant every word. To the Legislators and Governors arguing for months instead of problem solving, I say No Cherry Picking Allowed. You took an Oath. Help this family! We are all in this together.

  6. Let’s face it, we have a bunch of cowards and blowhards as elected officials. You only hear from them around election time – well guess what? We will remember how you “represented” ones of your constituents at the voting booth. I had so much faith in Richard Blumenthal, he let me down, never even answered my letter or request to look into this nightmare, neither did Chris Murphy. No matter what they promise in their campaigns, once elected, they turn a deaf ear and do what they want and bury their heads in the sand.

    So, so sorry for the Pelletiers, maybe our next round of NEW elected officials will be of greater help, let’s face it, this group is useless.

    • Patricia, I too was ignored by Richard Blumenthal. My father donated countless hours passing out flyers for him when he wanted to be elected and he didn’t even have the decency to at least RESPOND. I won’t forget all who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. And I will loudly let the world know.

  7. Gov. Patrick of Massachusetts has admitted that his state had no jurisdiction in the matter of Justina’s custody, since she was a resident of Connecticut. Yet, he continues to allow her to be held in the state’s care illegally. What are you trying to hide, Gov. Patrick? If you never should have taken her, why won’t you let her go?

  8. No politician is willing to step into the fray for fear of incurring the wrath of the corrupt political machine that is in power in the people’s republic of Massachusetts. They want the federal funds to keep rolling in on their Somataform study which requires a minimum number of subjects, per Boston Children’s own policy, a ward of the state can be used for experimental studies, so they just pick and choose children and turn them into wards of the state. DCF is a willing participant in this because they get their own slice of the pie (federal funds) for every child they take into the system.

    • Well said Wayne and all very true. Follow the money trail. It’s been done time and time again with BCH pulling the very same thing. Look up the case recently of Elizabeth Wray from NY. Parents were told they’d release Elizabeth over the weekend when her parents disagreed on their findings “all in her head” when they arrived on Mon to pick her up DCF had been called in and they lost custody. A gag order was also placed on them just like the Pelletiers. Harvard gets funding from the pharmaceuticals to research new drugs, Harvard owns BCH, they can run riskier drug trials of wards of the state, children are made wards, when they’re done with their trials the child goes to DCF who also gets funds from the Fed for any ward of the state. It’s all a big money scheme at the expense of children.

  9. I continue to be skeptical of the father. The mother never seems to be interviewed which also makes me skeptical (I understand she has her own medical issues). However, the photos of the hemotomas, sepsis is the stomach tube, receding hair line, and dental issues make it visually clear she is not getting better in Massachusetts government care. It also disturbs me that the three psychologists that testified in court do not agree (one says somataform, one says conversion disorder, one says mild depression from having mitochondrial disorder). At this point, it’s pretty clear that the child was better under Tufts treatment plan.

    There is a high threshold for removing a child from an intact family and the twenty minute evaluation by Dr. Simons Bujoreanu before she was locked down does not remotely come close to this threshold. Should CT Division of Children and Families find them to be fit after investigation, and I think I read they had been investigated by CT and found to be fit parents, then she should go home.

    The lack of education and blocking her ability to see her priest is also a very disturbing civil rights abuse. We do not give this child those things to which prisoners have access for over a year (technically two years behind in school at this point)?

    There is a lot wrong here and I really think it’s a tens of millions of dollars civil lawsuit in the making for Massachusetts. I hope Governor Malloy steps in on behalf of this child before the State of Connecticut too finds themselves in a multimillion dollar payout.

  10. Look at Justina before and look at her now!!! Enough said. Send that young lady home and do it now!!!! What on earth is wrong with you!!!

  11. This family’s nightmare has gone on for 14 months longer than it should. The CT governor needs to step in on behalf of his own citizens and bring some normalcy to this insane situation. Governor Patrick is doing nothing more than covering up for his own incompetent appointee in charge of the DCF, Olga Roche. She is an abomination he the governor can’t be bothered to deal with it. This girl is going to die if Governor Malloy doesn’t fix this.

  12. I can understand why we don’t hear more from the mother. She is distressed over the loss of her daughter and the constant worry of her condition. There is no reason she should appear in public, in my opinion. Justina’s father and sister do an excellent job of advocating for her.

    • There’s a 92 yr. old mother living with the Pelletiers. Perhaps someone that age cannot be left alone and therefore the mother stays with her.

  13. This is a pattern that BCH has done for years. I belong to one of Justina’s advocacy groups and there is an advocate there whose twin baby nephews it happened to 16 yrs. ago. He sent me the entire newspaper article on it to show me how far back (it even goes further than 16 yrs) it all went. There is a concerted effort to both do trials with new drugs and also kidnap children for adoption. The DCF, hospital, Harvard, pharmaceuticals are all part of the scam.

  14. Two weeks ago I emailed Deval Patrick, the governor of MA to plead with him to engage in this awful situation brought on by the MA Department of Children and Families (DCF) and either send Justina home, or let the CT child protective services take over.

    I have not even received a “thanks for your message” email… No response at all. I am glad I don’t live in MA. Although I have friends in MA, I will never set foot in the state of Massachusetts.

  15. FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY THREE MISSED DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD #FREEJUSTINA ASAP #FreeJustinaNOW This 2 minute video will break your heart as you see how the joy has been removed from this 15 year old’s life for 423 day and counting! –> http://ow.ly/vrigs

  16. This is a heartbreaking story. It’s also baffling and almost surreal in its illogic. The judge has said Justina can go back to seeing her original doctor at Tufts, Dr. MIchael Korson. He was the one who recommended the “extreme” procedures that BCH took such umbrage to. So the judge now says Justina can go back to him, and yet the parents are still not considered fit? Truly illogical. Let’s hope — perhaps with the skillful legal help of Mr. Dershowitz and a little unorthodox pressure from Anonymous — Mass can figure out a way to get this girl home.

  17. Justina has been sacrificed on the alter of greed of a hospital group, sh was singled out to fill a plan for a research study on somatoform. She has not gotten better in the time she was incarcerated in Bader 5, she has gotten worse. Mitrochondrial disease is a real ailment which may take several years to diagnos, BCH even has a dept for it, but the ER dr said it does not exist, how can this be? Follow the money. Justina has been caged with less rights than a criminal, why? BCH is afraid someone is going to find out what they were doing; now we all know what they were doing. It is time for the state of MA to step in and investigate what has happened with open eyes and no blinders. And I sure hope people take a second look at this hospital before they take their loved there.

  18. Go to freeJustina.com and help free her and get her back to her parents. Call Governor Patrick Deval and other Mass Representatives, write letters and call connecticut Governor Dan Malloy. Let people know about Justina Pelletier. Yes it’s a sad story but it can have a happy ending if we all help with the efforts to do so!

  19. The expierements are for the future chip implants. They el tell us its goi.g to improve our health care. No more sickness.things like measels muetc…thats whythe powers that be have realeased these new out breaks lately.to justify the need for this chip as protection. But this chip will do much more than just that. It wi be able to release. Other things into your system. It will also be your id. Med records. And currency. For easy ckeck out at walmart.no more lines. This one qorld currency will be si convienent.people will love it. Also this chip will change your dna. Mess with your ablity to think for yourself.you will be controlled . Half computer. halfhuman.you will live a very very long time. Chip can release virus in your that will kill you.if the powers that be desire.but no natural death will be possible.yes bible speaks of people wanting begging to die but wont die. This iz what it means .no more prisons necessary.sounds impossible .butt
    heyare now expiermenting on our children and old people.all they have to say is a lie or not. You are a danger to yourelf or others. To just put anyine of in one of their hosp. And implant us. Willing or not.state med.id .but not telli.g truth of its other capabilities

    • A child’s plight is a parent’s fight. We all have subjective perspectives; that means unless we have peronal experience with a person, place, thing or event, it’s hard to truly “get it.” I can relate to the Pelletier’s plight and my heart goes out to the entire family. It took 14 months to get our 12 year old daughter diagnosed (via DNA–she’s adopted) with a rare metabolic disorder rarely seen in U.S. adults, never mind children. Before that, she suffered greatly and was diagnosed with conversion disorder by CCMC medical professionals (“she can do it–if she really wants to” while she was unable to breath). Against all medical odds and insistence that she couldn’t possibly have AIP, I stuck to my guns and sought (and paid for) DNA testing at Mount Sinai, NYC. In the end,faced with the proof, the CCMC doctor called to apologize and the entire medical team did an about face. But the schools were another matter. My daughter was bullied by peers and adults to the point she ended up at Institute of Living in a severe suicidal depression. She was then shunted to special education schools where she lost all semblance of an equal educational opportunity. Watching a child suffer long term from an illness is grueling. Struggling with adults who pledge to help children yet ignore, bully and (in our case) ridicule the set of circumstances is heartbreaking. Our own saga continues but I for one am firmly in the Pelletier family’s court. Upon reading the above postings concerning research studies, I am that much more disgusted. Malloy and Patrick were together just a few weeks ago to fawn over Obama–gentlemen, PLEASE step up, speak up and for once do what is right.

  20. its Jume and still no action from our elected officials. I know I will be speaking with my right to vote. Take note all you challengers on who stepped up to help this little girl and family and who did not…no action speaks volumes.

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