It’s Nice to Have Family in Warm Places


After this brutal winter of 2013-2014, Kara and I were more than eager to escape Connecticut for someplace tropical. Thankfully we have relatives in a place where cold weather is extremely rare. My brother and sister-in-law live in Naples, Florida and their sons and my children are very close in age. All four were born within a 32 month period and getting the cousins together is crazy fun.

We didn’t want to wear out our welcome, so Kara and I first took the kids on a short cruise, with stops in the Bahamas, and Key West. I had never been on a cruise ship, and admittedly I was apprehensive given the stories of mass sickness we report on the news from time to time. My fears were unfounded as the crew offered Purell at every turn.

We checked out the famed resort Atlantis for a few hours and it is everything you’ve read and more. Awesome. Kara and I also liked Key West, but the kids were not impressed and basked in the memories of their brief playtime at Atlantis.

I proudly wore my UConn shirt the day after the Huskies beat Florida, a victory which understandably did not go over well in the Sunshine State.


We brought along these Red Sox jerseys for the kids, personalized by Roberto Giansiracusa of Gima Sport in Hartford. The numbers represent the year each child was born.


Also a shoutout to JetBlue airlines. If there is an airline that is better for children, please tell me about it. The amenities for youngsters are outstanding.

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