Lee Whitnum is Back, Running for Governor


Former senate candidate Democrat Lee Whitnum is running for governor. The often ostracized attorney from Greenwich announced on her website she is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, and as of today, is the only declared Democrat in the race. Governor Malloy, who sought a court order against Whitnum a while back, has not officially declared his plans for re-election.

Whitnum is known for her harsh criticism of U.S. policy towards Israel, and the numerous lawsuits she has filed. She’s been essentially disowned my many in her party, including chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.

Watch Whitnum on Face the State in 2012 when she was running for senator: https://dennishouse.tv/2012/02/24/whitnum-blasts-bysiewicz-and-murphy/

Her announcement for governor is here: http://www.leewhitnum.com

The story of the governor’s court order here: http://www.greenwichtime.com/news/article/Malloy-files-civil-protective-order-against-3385284.php

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  1. Can we hope that the mainstream media will actually investigate the harassment complaints filed against this woman with Stamford and Bloomfield (I think it was) police departments by relatives of two CT journalists (myself and Al Robinson)? The ones they ignored the last time she ran for public office?


  2. And can we also hope that Face The State not give this hatemonger free airtime unless she provides some evidence that she is even marginally a credible candidate or that otherwise airing her provides some public service (aside from comic relief). Maybe she can name a few delegate or support her, or raise a couple thousand of dollars, or prove she knows where the convention is being held (a pretty easy qualification, I grant you, but one she has failed to meet in the past).


  3. Is she still running on the “I once dated John Kerry and he’s hung like a horse” platform?

    How did she get to be a lawyer? I knew her in the 80’s, she was a computer science teacher. And her name was Lisa, not Lee.


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