Whitnum Blasts Bysiewicz, Murphy and Malloy


In her first television interview of the campaign,  Lee Whitnum came out swinging against two of her fellow Democrats seeking the nomination for the seat currently held by Joe Lieberman.   During a taping of Face the State, the lawyer and author from Greenwich was highly critical of Susan Bysiewicz and Chris Murphy.

On Bysiewicz, here is an excerpt of what Whitnum had to say:  “I don’t like her at all.  I think she is a card-carrying Israelist.”      Is she running to make sure this Congress remains pro-Israel?”   

As for Murphy:

“Chris Murphy pledged $30M to Israel over the next ten years……..We elected a young maverick kid and he just hasn’t done very much.  He needs to be taken out of office.” 

Whitnum hasn’t made many friends in the Connecticut Democratic Party.   She is currently suing Governor Malloy, alleging he called her an anti-semite.   In the interview, Whitnum said the governor (who has publicly talked about his dyslexia) can’t read.  In the past she has called Senator Lieberman a traitor, and demanded  Senator Richard Blumenthal  resign.

Whitnum’s opposition to the United States  policy on its ally Israel, has led to those anti-semitism charges.      On Face the State Sunday, you’ll hear Whitnum talk about what she believes needs to be done when it comes to Israel.

Whitnum ran for Chris Dodd’s senate seat in 2010, and against Jim Himes in the 4th district in 2008.    She is also remembered as the one time girlfriend of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

You can watch the entire interview with Lee Whitnum, this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

UPDATE: Here is the interview  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6784939

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  1. It’s a shame you didn’t ask Ms. Whitnum about the harassment complaints that have been filed against her with in two separate jurisdictions in the state of CT.


  2. Under what criteria was it determined that Ms. Whitnum is a legitimate candidate? Money,delegates/town committee support, name recognition, what? She couldn’t find the State Democratic Convention in Hartford last time for crying out loud! When she primaried Himes she had no organization – I was pollstanding in Bridgeport that time. I will check, but I would be shocked if she got more than 20 percent of the vote. Guess anyone with a pulse will get air time on the show!


  3. She got about 13 percent of the vote – less than 2000 votes in a Congressional Primary! LOSING State Rep candidates can get TWICE as many votes in a general election. Maybe Ron Paul should ask her to be his running mate!


  4. She is a breath of fresh air and a much needed voice for those of us who feel our congress has been bought by AIPAC and puts the interests of Israel ahead of US interest.


    • Fresh air like in a lobster bait house…

      For her 13% in ‘o8, every town had to run i4 hour polling places in the fourth district. The cost to the towns was well over $100,000. We needc a higher threshold for ‘gadfly’ candidates.


  5. I have a feeling it was easier for the station to give her the air time and not deal with a lawsuit like the one she filed against the Norwich Bulletin for excluding her from a debate.


  6. Lee Whitnum is the only candidate in CT that has the guts to expose the Israel lobby perverse influence in our Middle East policies.


  7. There is no excuse for airing that this interview. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do you really believe this served some public interest?


    • Ben,

      Thanks for your comments. We have candidates on our program on a regular basis to hear what they have to say so that voters can make up their minds.



      • Dennis, thank you for your response, but consider me unimpressed. Anyone can call themselves a candidate, but any responsible news outlet should make at least some effort to assess viability. Has she raised any money? (I don’t see her listed as a candidate this year on the FEC website – I do see that she was cited for not filing in 2008). Does she have a single delegate committed to vote for her at the convention? What is the standard by which you provide valuable airtime?


  8. It should be obvious to most Americans that other nations, especially Israel, have too much influence in American policy, both foreign and domestic. We Americans need to once again, put America first.

    Ms. Whitnum has offered a most patriotic and courageous interview with Dennis House, and as I have watched many of the delagates running for public office on House’s show, portrayed herself as knowledgable, frank and as she described herself, transparent. Transparency in public office is the backbone of our American democracy.

    Lee Whitnum, Dennis House…nicely done.


  9. Whitnum is a honest person who fights for what is right. The childish negative comments about her seem baseless. But the issues Ms. Whitnum is addressing are no joke.
    The Israel lobby has been steering US Middle East policies against America interests and it has done tremendous damage to the country.
    On the video below done at MIT, Harvard Professor Stephen Walt and Chicago University professor John Mearsheimer debate on the lobby.



  10. If Ms. Whitnum is so “courageous”, such an “honest person”, a “breath of fresh air” and so “transparent” why does she feel the need to harass members of the press to the point that two complaints are on file with the police against her, one in Stamford and one in Bloomfield?


  11. I can’t access the interview but, in general, I think we have allowed AIPAC, like Grover Norquist and the NRA, to drive our policies way out of proportion to the number of people who support those policies.

    Israel acts on its own without concern for the best interests of the United States which is as it should be. By the same token, the USA should be looking out for its best interests. It is unlikely that Iran would directly attack us. If we weren’t Israel’s number one ally, there would be little of the saber rattling that is going on right now. The fact is that we don’t want or need to declare war on yet another Middle Eastern country, this one having ninety million people.


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