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You’ve heard of Anchorman, how about Anchorduck? I walked into the Face the State studio tonight and spotted said Anchorduck, actually Anchorducks. Our news studio, Studio A, is getting new, more energy efficient lighting next week, so Eyewitness News is moving into Studio B while A gets taken over by electricians and lighting gurus. Probably means I have to start shaving in between the 6 and 11 PM newscasts again, but I digress.

I refer to Studio B as the Face the State studio; Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney call it the Better Connecticut studio and Joe Zone and John Holt call it the Friday Night Football studio. Of course, Face the State is the correct terminology considering that FTS is the oldest of the three shows. Seniority.

Anyway, back to the ducks. The Face the State set has to double as the Eyewitness News set for the next week and that means two anchors and different camera angles. Technical producer Jason Bowman needed to do some test shots tonight and decided to use large stuffed toy ducks to stand in for Denise D’Ascenzo and me. Why do we have these two birds in the confines of WFSB? Scot Haney’s toy box.

News from Studio B begins Saturday night.

Five years ago this guy was sitting at the anchor desk:

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  1. If that’s Scot’s Puddleduck, I gave him that duck some time ago! So glad to see you are still taking good care of him! 😉


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