Life After Television News


What becomes of television news anchors after they leave the airwaves? If you are a faithful watcher of Face the State, you know that some of your local tv newspeople have gone on to successful careers in politics, business, public relations, and the occasional Face the State guest.


This Sunday on Face the State, we are joined by one such ex-newsman, who is now a power broker at the state capitol. Derek Slap, formerly of WVIT, is now the chief of staff to the senate Democrats, and will make his television debut this weekend as a Face the State pundit, commentator, and analyst. For information on Sunday’s show, click right here: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/obamacare-comes-to-connecticut-on-tuesday/

Just last week, one of our guests was Ann Baldwin, one of Slap’s former colleagues, and now a public relations guru. We had her on to lend some PR perspective on Tom Foley, and his comments that ignited a firestorm of controversy.


We’ve had several Face the State guests on the show who have broadcast journalism on their resumes, including Diane Smith, former WTNH anchor and now a best selling author, and a host on CT-N.


Another WTNH alumnus, Ted Koppy, has been on the program to offer insight into the economy. He now works as a financial planner. Ted’s Face the State debut was marred by a lighting issue, which made our set look a strange color. Good thing he had a television background and was well prepared for technical problems!


Shelly Sindland, who once co-hosted a public affairs program on WTIC, has been on as well. She, too is in the public relations industry, and works in radio.


Speaking of radio, one of the most listened to voices in Connecticut, was once one of our top reporters here at WFSB. Jim Vicevich comes on Face the State now and then to offer his take on all things politics.


Two former local news people have been guests on Face the State, after becoming candidates for congress. Janet Peckinpaugh, was one of my co-anchors here at Channel 3 in the 1990s, ran for CT-2 in 2010, and appeared twice on Face the State. This appearance below took place in the news studio due to construction in the Face the State studio.



Also making an appearance during a run for political office: Grant Stinchfield, formerly an investigative reporter with WVIT, who was running for congress in Texas. Grant made national news with what he said on Face the State, accusing NBC of bias when he was a reporter in both Hartford and Dallas, and told me that’s why he left the television news business.


Three former moderators of Face the State have been guests over the years. Larrye deBear and Don Noel have been on to talk about historic events and past interviews, and of course Duby McDowell. Duby was the longtime FTS moderator and political reporter and now serves as the station’s political analyst alongside Brian Flaherty.


Look for all of these fine folks on future editions of Face the State.

We should also note that former WFSB anchor Mika Brzezinski, now of Morning Joe fame, also came on Face the State once, and brought along co-host Joe Scarborough for the fun.


You never know where a Face the State guest will show up. CT Capitol Report’s Tom Dudchik, who did not have a television background, got his own show after a Face the State appearances in 2010 and 2011. I like to tease Tom “that I discovered him.”


Also worth reading: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/the-jubilation-of-that-first-baby-picture/

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  1. Thanks Dennis for sharing this TV history with us.. I have often wonder where the people I used to see on TV news had gone and what today they are doing and your information help me close that page. Thanks Barbara


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