Pelto: Malloy Can’t Win in November


It’s no secret Governor Malloy faces a tough re-election battle. The polls show a tight race between him and Republican Tom Foley, the frontrunner in the hunt for the Republican nomination. Now there could be new wrinkle; the governor might face a challenge from a third party.

In an interview set that aired this Sunday on Face the State on WFSB, former state representative Jonathan Pelto told me he is considering running for governor, perhaps as a Working Families Party candidate, or as an independent. Pelto is a Democrat, and in recent years has become a harsh critic of the man he supported in 2010.


During the taping, Pelto explained why he and others soured on Governor Malloy, and said it happened right after Malloy was elected, at the moment he told reporters to refer him as Dannel rather than Dan. According to Pelto, Malloy changed as a politician as soon as he changed his name, and that he turned on teachers and public education. You can watch Pelto give a more in-depth explanation at the link below.

Pelto also said he was surprised the governor is even seeking re-election. He told Malloy’s situation is similar to that of Governor Bill O’Neill a quarter century ago. Faced with bad poll numbers, then State Representative Pelto and another key Democrat were assigned the task of urging O’Neill not to run in 1990 because he faced a certain loss. But Pelto said the polls are worse for Malloy than they were for O’Neill, and he feels Malloy will bring the Democrats to defeat this fall.

Enter Pelto. Will he run? When will he decide? How does he feel about criticism that a Pelto candidacy would help elect a Republican governor? Who would be better for teachers, Foley or Malloy?

Pelto answers these questions and more right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10092902

Also today, UConn president Susan Herbst talks about her talk with Hillary Clinton, preview here: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/04/25/herbst-on-hillary-and-ollie-too/

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  1. He looks like he just rolled out of the gutter. Maybe he should of thought out his wardrobe a little better and maybe shaved.


  2. He’s right. Malloy can’t win. Dems should be looking for a new candidate. I’d vote for Pelto in a 3 way race.


  3. no-one feels threatened by your challenge…at the end of the day, teachers will not support you (maybe a few angry one’s, but that’s all) and you’ll just lose your little money dude!


      • Malloy is not threatened at all. We have his back, and so does the teachers. Confirmed. No one wants Foley, and Pelto is suffering from his own agenda. We stand by Malloy!


    • “Malloy is not threatened at all. We have his back, and so does the teachers.”
      So ‘does’ the teachers, eh? Um… not THIS teacher


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