Governor Talks Tourism, Cities, and the NHL

Governor Malloy is marking a year and half in office this week, and we invited him to come on Face the State to talk about his term so far and what he still wants to accomplish.    Being a holiday week, tourism was one of the topics we discussed.

Growing up in suburban Boston, I never heard people talking about taking a vacation in Connecticut.   I asked the governor how he plans to lure people from out of state into our state for fun and leisure.    He talked about the state’s new “Still Revolutionary,” ad campaign and Connecticut’s colonial history.

People go to Boston or Philadelphia to see historic sites, but do they come to Hartford, or anywhere in our state for that purpose?   The governor admitted work needs to be done, and he wants the Old State House to open on Sundays.  The  schedule of this landmark has long puzzled me, and no doubt the tourists who stroll from the Wadsworth, Convention Center, or Science Center who pose for  pictures in front of an empty, closed building.

Speaking of the Connecticut Convention Center, the governor told me the cornerstone of Adriaen’s Landing is not meeting expectations, and something needs to be done to turn things around.     Across from the CCC, the empty storefronts at Front Street are a sign the city of Hartford still needs work.     The governor went on to say he does not want to be mayor of the capital city, and had an interesting response to my question as to whether we need to accept the fact Hartford will always be a poor city, and will never return to its glory days.

In the wake of the Howard Baldwin story, we also talked about the restoration of an NHL team in the state. The governor said fans should not be optimistic for a return of the Whalers, but they shouldn’t give up hope! However, he did say the restoration of a major league team is unlikely.

You can watch the entire interview with Governor Malloy this Sunday morning at 11, only on Channel 3?    Here is A preview: http://www.wfsb.com/video?clipId=7471010&autostart=true

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  1. Yes, with thanks to Danny, the Whalers won’t be coming back…nor will any of the dozens of companies that have left the state because of the anti-business climate being created by the governor and his Democrat enablers in the statehouse.

    Cut taxes
    Cut payroll
    Cut spending
    Cut job-killing regulations
    Cut the gross-receipts tax
    Stop spending money we don’t have

    Make CT TRULY “open for business”


  2. WOW i cant WAIT for this guy to be out of office next term… we need someone to Revitalize the City and by doing so therefore the State… No Major league team? thats only because of people like Mr Malloy who do not want to make a real effort to make it happen. simply put he wants to line his and his allies at Uconns Pockets and keep us a Small time state with one of the poorest capitals in the Nation.


  3. Wow Dennis don’t you think you could have challenged the hubris and immodesty of Dannel’s diatribe. He outspent his tax increase, wildly indebted the taxpayers with nebulous claims of jobs, and “reformed” education In a way no one can adequatlyn explain. You looked a little intimidated.


  4. I always make time to listen to Face the Stae but today’s program had me looking for a shovel. This governor is the epitome of arrogance. He had the gall to insist that he listened to everyone on his State tour. Oh really! All he did was tell everyone that they were wrong and he had all the answers!


  5. Dennis
    this the second time( Blumenthal was a 1st) that you let a person go On and ON…when do you insert yourself and make a pol like Dannel know that you aren’t just wet tissue paper upon which they can trample??

    CBS was built on great interviewers like Mike Wallace and Rather…why don’t you jump forward and interrupt the run on sentences of the Governor??? Get some guts and watch how Bob Schiefer would stop these folks on tape. You have the resources…no push back on Jackson Labs…the busway..tax increases..the way he communicated with educators??
    I am very disappointed in your low performance level. It is easy to dominate State Reps and Senators ..get some fight or you are becoming VERY forgettable…
    Kevin Schultz
    Simsbury CT


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