My Better Connecticut Experience

I went from news anchor to talk show host today, as I filled in on “Better Connecticut,” with my wife, mother of my children, and expert on almost everything, Kara Sundlun.     The one and only Scot Haney had to speak to  some students at UConn, and so I had the chance to substitute for him for the very  first time.   As you will see on the link below, Scot taped a message for me.

“Better,” was great fun, and Kara guided me through it.   We talked about the events of the day, learned how to make quesadillas, and kid friendly meals ,  and I was reminded again why women’s things are so expensive. 

I saw some colleagues like Haynes Ford and Ed Longley, whom I rarely see because of our differently schedules.   I also got to stretch my legs in producer Melissa Dethlefsen’s spacious office (reminds me of Pete’s in Mad Men) and meet some great viewers.

It was welcome break from the world of hard news.   You may see me again.

You can watch the show right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/category/211200/better-connecticut

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  1. Hi Dennis,
    I watched you co host Better CT yesterday, and you did a great job. I watch the show everyday, and really enjoy it. I loved your easter pictures. Helena and Julian have gotten so big. Hope you get to fill in for Scot again.


  2. welcome, i’m so tired of scott haney talking about gays. especially on the weather this morning. whats wrong with this picture


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