WFSB Announces Panelists for Face the State Senate Debates

We are pleased to announce that some great journalists will our panelists for the two WFSB Face the State senate debates.   More details on the debates, later this week. 

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  1. Dennis: This sunday you said on Face the State that it was good for journalists and the State for Candidates to visit the state. I am sure it is good for your profession but for the State?

    Has anyone ever looked into the costs, in dollars and cents. of these visits and what do we get for it? Today Gov Romney is making a campaign appearance, for what? the nominating process is over. How much police fire and EMS overtime is being spent just to see a candidate?

    How much money, not reimbursed from the Federal budget, was spent when the President handed out diploma’s at USCG.

    Maybe we are lucky that no candidate comes here for a rally, only to attend private fundraisers. How much do you think Ohio and Pennsylvania and Florida will spend this year because they are battleground states?

    Thank yoiu for listening.


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