Face the State Debate Preps Underway

This Sunday morning the Democrats running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Joe Lieberman will debate for the third time on television.  The special one hour Face the State debate will be seen on Channel 3 at 11AM. 

Right now station staffers are working on graphics, the studio, and other details.  As the moderator, I am working with the panelists on the questions.    Viewers can also suggest questions by going to www.wfsb.com

A week from this Sunday, the Republicans will debate.  Same format, same studio, same time. 

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11. 

 Graphics gurus Mike Arentz, Shawn Procuniar and Charlie Basile

Operations Manager Tony Meliso

Assignment Manager Chris Collibee

Technical Producer Adam Brooks

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  1. “Do you support Audit the Fed?”

    “Do you support Competing Currencies?”

    While fiscal policy gets lots of discussion, these two bills both relate to the much-neglected monetary policy.

    FWIW, Murphy already co-sponsored Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed in 2009… before it got drastically watered down in Dodd / Frank.

    And my mom spoke with Linda McMahon… and conveyed to me that LM supports both bills. But we should all hear the answer offered in a public forum. And while these are relatively anonymous bills, they are central to understanding our economic malaise and improving it.

    Thanks for considering it!


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