WFSB to Host Two Senate Debates

WFSB will host two televised U.S. Senate debates this spring.   A debate of the Democrats will be held on Sunday, April 15th, from 11AM to 12PM, as part of a special one hour edition of Face the State.  

The Republicans will debate the following week, Sunday, April 22.    Same time.    The debates will be held in the WFSB studios.

We have commitments to participate from Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy, William Tong, Linda McMahon, Chris Shays and Brian K. Hill.  We also expect other candidates to partake.

We will have more information later this week.

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  1. Question. Is Channel 3 inviting Lee Whitnum to participate in its US Senate Democratic Debate? Since she has already been on Face the State, you’ve already bestowed her credibility. If you don’t let her on, get ready for her lawsuit a la Norwich Bulletin. Nicely boxed.


  2. Or… WFSB put her on Face the State to minimize its exposure from the anticipated lawsuit for not including her in the debate. Or, it agreed to put her on the show in exchange for her agreement not to sue over not being in the debate.


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