Attention turns to GOP Lt. Gov. Picks

Malloy-Wyman, Lamont-Glassman, Foley-?    

Our focus on running mate speculation now turns to the Republicans.   As I mentioned before, I think all of the candidates will choose women.    It is possible one candidate might be willing to drop his bid for governor and throw his support and delegates to another in exchange for the number two spot on the ticket, but would it be good for the party’s chances in November?    The last time there was an all male GOP ticket was 1990, and the last time that formula worked for them was 1970.    

Times have certainly changed.  Women now outnumber men in our  in our state , and in this age of Rell, Obama, Clinton and Palin voters have come to expect diversity on a ticket.     The Republicans have also won four gubernatorial elections in a row with a mixed gender ticket. 

There is one official candidate for Lt. Governor, Avon businesswoman Lisa Wilson-Foley, who is already becoming familiar with voters through television commercials. 

If a candidate for governor wants to pick someone from the General Assembly, the GOP has twelve women in the House to choose from, and one senator.  

Here are three who could be under consideration, and here is my previous post on this issue



Rep. Penny Bacchiochi   Senator Toni Boucher  Rep. Themis Klarides


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  1. If Foley is smart he won’t these women posted above. He will have to pick a big name local Mayor from the central part of the state.


    • Are you suggesting New Britain Mayor Tim Stewart? Middletown Mayor Seb Guiliano or Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy?


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