Boughton Rules Out Run for Congress

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will not run for the 5th congressional seat, and instead will focus on re-election as the leader of the Hat City in the fall.   During  a taping of “Face the State,” the four-term Republican told me prefers to be making the decisions, saying “I get more done in one day as mayor than a congressman does in a career.”    Boughton, the 2010 GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor, also said it is too early to think about running in 2014 for governor.

The always candid and outspoken Boughton also talked about Governor Malloy.  Boughton told me “we don’t have an honest broker sitting in the governor’s chair.    Governor Malloy is arguably under the influence of special interest groups that he owes for being the governor.”

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday at 11AM on Channel 3.

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  1. bOughton is a corrupt (in with Gallante) pompous, flip flopping jerk who needs to just finally shut up! He lost it for Foley. Boughton should no be talking about an honest broker or someone under special influences especially when he took boat loads of money from his best friend and benefactor Gallante. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    What a self serving, egotistical, pompous lieing little brat Boughton is. He makes GIORDANO and ROWLAND look clean!


  2. Totally disagree – Mr. Boughton has a been a great mayor and we are fortunate to have him here in Danbury. Foley lost it – wasn’t thrilled with him anymore than Malloy… we simply had 2 bad candidates for governor. Interesting that you feel Mark Boughton is somehow “corrupt” – we have never had a more straight up person of integrity in public office!
    Good luck with your reelection Mr. Boughton!! You have my vote!


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